Learning Outcomes

Doctor of Physical Therapy Learning Outcomes
Student Learning Outcomes for the DPT Program are founded on 5 Curricular Elements: 1) Patient-Centered Care, 2) Clinical Reasoning and Evidence Based Practice, 3) Movement for Participation, 4) Teamwork and Collaboration, and 5) Quality Improvement and Safety. Specifically, the learning outcomes are that all (100%) of program graduates and their employers will be competent in:

  1. Delivery of patient-centered clinical care.
  2. Clinical reasoning and decision-making. 
  3. Applying foundational science knowledge to clinical care to promote patient/population movement for life participation. 
  4. Applying principles of teamwork and collaboration within healthcare systems. 
  5. Providing quality patient-centered health care that is safe, effective, ethical, equitable, and takes cost into account.