2024-2025 Academic Catalog

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School Library Program (SCHL)

SCHL 5030 -  Cultivating Learning Skills in Library Leadership  (3 Credits)  
In an increasingly shifting world and work force, both our student and adults will need to demonstrate learning skills to thrive in K-12 and post-secondary world. Teacher-librarians are guides for students and staff in ALL learning skills. Collaboration, innovative thinking, critical thinking and are areas of library leadership covered. Cross-listed with SCHL 4030. Max hours: 3 Credits.
Grading Basis: Letter Grade
SCHL 5040 -  Information Storage and Utilization  (2 Credits)  
Provides basic principles and practices of utilizing standard methods for organizing, accessing and storing information. Includes cataloging and classification in text-based and electronic systems. Max hours: 2 Credits.
Grading Basis: Letter Grade
SCHL 5100 -  School Libraries in the Digital Age  (3 Credits)  
An introduction to the School Library profession, including its history, standards, organizations, and current trends. Course focuses on foundational principles and roles of school librarianship, as well as methods for developing a culturally responsive resource collection, both print and electronic. Max hours: 3 Credits.
Grading Basis: Letter Grade
SCHL 5160 -  Managing School Libraries  (3 Credits)  
Case studies in the organization and administration of school library and instructional leadership of programs and projects. Topics include project management, personnel administration, budget development, management strategies, copyright and intellectual freedom. Cross-listed with SCHL 4160. Max hours: 3 Credits.
Grading Basis: Letter Grade
SCHL 5200 -  Promoting Literature in Schools  (3 Credits)  
Approaches the school library as a resource to promote literacy and development in children and young adults. Topics include genres of literature, methods for advising students towards appropriate reading and media resources, and the promotion of multiple literacies - information, new media, and transliteracy. Max hours: 3 Credits.
Grading Basis: Letter Grade
SCHL 5830 -  School Library Workshop  (0.5-4 Credits)  
Specific content and titles vary depending upon the particular school library skills addressed in the course. Repeatable. Max Hours: 9 Credits.
Grading Basis: Letter Grade
Repeatable. Max Credits: 9.
SCHL 5913 -  School Library Field Experience  (3 Credits)  
Field experiences in selected K-12 school libraries that meet a high professional standard. The course serves as a capstone experience for endorsement and master's degree plans and helps induct students into the School Library profession by bridging theory and practice. Max hours: 3 Credits.
Grading Basis: Letter Grade with IP