2024-2025 Academic Catalog

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Academic Services and Student Support

CU Anschutz Student Affairs

Many student support services are provided by the CU Anschutz Office of Student Affairs, including several of the services listed below.  

Dr. Jan Gascoigne, PhD, MCHS
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Associate Clinical Professor, Community & Behavioral Health

Carl Johnson
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Craig Wimmer, MS Ed, CHES, Certifed WellCoach
Director of Student Health Promotion

Lauren Fontana
Director of Office of Disability, Access, and Inclusion


The Campus Assessment, Response & Evaluation Team (CARE) is committed to improving campus safety and student success by evaluating individuals that may pose a safety risk for themselves or others. The team coordinates with students, faculty, and staff as well as concerned others to identify, assess, and intervene with individuals of concern.

The CARE Team strives to:

  • Provide early assistance to individuals in distress or at risk of harming themselves or others
  • Help prevent situations of concern from escalating
  • Ensure the well-being and safety of the university community
  • Work collaboratively with faculty, staff, administration, and concerned others
  • Educate the campus community about identifying concerning behaviors
  • Create a campus culture that fosters sharing concerns

More information on behaviors that might be a cause for concern, and the reporting process is available online through the CARE Team website, or via a phone consultation at 303.724.8488.

CU Anschutz Shares

This is a resource available to students facing temporary financial hardship that threatens the student’s ability to successfully complete the current semester. To be eligible for consideration, a student:​

  • Must be experiencing an unanticipated situation (accidents, food insecurity, natural disasters, homelessness, etc.) 
  • Must be currently enrolled and regularly attending at least one course at the CU Anschutz Campus
  • Can provide sufficient documentation of current need
  • Must exhaust all other possible financial resources (student loans, Medicaid, personal financial accounts, family/friends, etc.) before applying for student emergency funds

Additional information on eligibility, application process, and other resources are available via the CU Anschutz Shares website, or by emailing cuanschutzshares@ucdenver.edu, or calling 303-724-2866.


CU Anschutz does not provide on-campus housing, but students can access the Off-Campus Housing Website with their university credentials to gain housing and roommate information in the Denver and Aurora metro areas. Many Schools, Colleges, and Programs offer social media sites for students seeking roommates, please check with the leadership of your program for more information.

More information from CU Anschutz Student Affairs can be found on the website at https://www.cuanschutz.edu/student/resources/housing.

Housing & Roommate Services

Use our 3rd party Off-Campus Housing Website to:

  • Search rental listings
  • Request or shop for roommates
  • List a unit available to students

International students are encouraged to reference the Housing Resources for the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Short-Term Housing

For those needing short-term arrangements, we suggest RotatingRoom, a 3rd party website featuring sublets near medical schools and hospitals nationwide.

Landlord Resources

Landlords wishing to post a vacancy with the university can:

  1. Visit our Off-Campus Housing Website
  2. Select "Have a listing? Post it now"
  3. Complete the steps as prompted.

Note: this is the only university-sponsored location where housing can be posted. Posting flyers on campus is not permitted.

Additional questions can be directed to Off-Campus Partners via email, or by calling 1-877-895-1234.

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is in the Office of International Affairs (OIA) and provides assistance to international students in nonimmigrant visa classifications. Please visit the website to see an overview of services or to schedule an appointment. 

Location: Fitzsimons Building, Ground Floor, Ste. EG305, EG305A, and EG306, Aurora, CO 80045
Phone:  303-724-0795
Website: http://international.ucdenver.edu/isss

ISSS is responsible for ensuring university-wide compliance with a wide range of federal regulations relating to the enrollment and/or employment of international students and scholars. Sponsored Student Services, a sub-unit within ISSS, also provides advising to students sponsored by an international third-party organization.

The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus is authorized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to issue Forms I-20 and by the U.S. Department of State (DOS) to issue DS-2019 Certificates of Eligibility.  These documents permit international students to apply for an F-1 or J-1 visa to study at the University.

ISSS collaborates with international students, faculty, researchers, and staff to contribute to the diverse teaching, research, and learning community at The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. We provide expert holistic immigration advising; partner with stakeholders to advocate for our students and scholars; and foster intercultural exchange on our campuses. We support our students and scholars as they navigate life in the U.S. and endeavor to reach their goals.

ISSS staff members serve students based on a portfolio model; to find out more about the academic portfolios and to learn about your assigned International Services Specialist, please click here. To schedule an appointment with a staff member, please click here. For additional information about ISSS and the services we provide, visit our website.


The mission of the LGBTQ+ Hub is to create and maintain an inclusive campus environment for LGBTQ+ and allied students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors on campus and within the Aurora community by:

  • Promoting visibility, awareness and a sense of community;
  • Connecting LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff with peer-to-peer support and community resources;
  • Providing education about the LGBTQ+ community;
  • Establishing a repository for LGBTQ+ health research and competent patient care;
  • Advocating for LGBTQ+ interests, including recruitment and retention; and
  • Creating intentional partnerships to provide direct services to LGBTQ+ people on campus and in the Aurora community.

The LGBT+ Hub is envisioned s a one-stop shop that can achieve a campus and Aurora community culture where LGBTQ+ people are highly visible, are fully included and integrated in leadership, day-to-day living, communication and dialogue, and where vibrant partnerships exist between the LGBTQ+ Hub and the campus and Aurora communities-at-large.

Additional information on the LGBTQ+ Hub, including Core Beliefs, Guiding Principles, and Values, and programs and services supported are available online.

Located within the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement.
Email: lgbtqhub@cuanschutz.edu

Office of Disability, Access & Inclusion

The Office of Disability, Access, & Inclusion (ODAI) recognizes, welcomes, and celebrates disability as an integral part of a diverse health professions campus and workforce.  To facilitate inclusion, we partner with students and programs to identify opportunities to create and promote meaningful access.

The ODAI staff members also work closely with faculty and staff in an advisory capacity to assist with the development of reasonable accommodations for students. This partnership allows students with disabilities to demonstrate their abilities in both the classroom and clinical settings.  Accommodations include but are not limited to: alternative testing (extra time for exams, taking exams in a reduced distraction environment), digital textbooks, captioning services, interpreting services, special furniture, and assistive technology.

Location:  Strauss Health Sciences Library, V-23-1409
Phone:  (303) 724-5640
Email:  disabilityaccess@cuanschutz.edu

Office of Information Technology (OIT)

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) works in partnership with academic and business units to provide technical support to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff at the CU Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. OIT serves as the primary source of campus-wide technology services in partnership with school, college and department IT professionals.

Services range from providing wireless networks, email and university passwordssoftware, desktop services, security, and systems development, to protecting the integrity of the university’s data and administrative systems. Additional resources are available within Tools and Services, sorted by user group (Students, Staff, and Faculty), along with Remote Resources.

Strauss Health Sciences Library

Mail Stop A033
12950 E. Montview Boulevard
Aurora, CO 80045

Phone: 303-724-2152
Website: https://library.cuanschutz.edu/
Email: AskUs@CUAnschutz.edu

Students are encouraged to become familiar with the Strauss Health Sciences Library resources early in their professional studies. On campus, no login is required in order to reach online library resources.  Off campus, students log in to access online resources with their Passport account just as they do to access other resources such as the student portal.

The library provides an extensive collection of allies health, dental, medical, nursing and pharmacy resources, including more than 273,000 print and audiovisual volumes, hundreds of electronic books, and more than 60,000 electronic full-text journals. E-resources include PubMed, Up to Date, Ovid MEDLINE, CINAHL, PsycINFO, Web of Science, MICROMEDEX, Clinical Key, Clinical Key for Nursing and many others.  E-resources may be accessed by students enrolled at CU Anschutz at no charge through the library website https://library.cuanschutz.edu/.  Free classes, online tutorials, research consultations, Ask Us live chat and expert online searches done by the library's professional searchers are all services accessible from the library web pages. 

To access the library's e-journals, use the search box on the library home page and click the Journal by Subject tab.  A complete list library databases can be found at https://library-cuanschutz.libguides.com/. Search the library's online catalog, including books, older journal holdings and audiovisual material in the Strauss Health Sciences Library.  Materials not available at the Strauss Health Sciences Library may be obtained through Interlibrary Loan for a fee.

Free classes are listed at https://library-cuanschutz.libcal.com/calendar/straussclasses

The library provides access to computers with Microsoft Office and other applications in the library's first floor Information Commons, and offers individual and group study rooms on all three floors.

Wireless printing to the library's pay for print system is available through several methods; ask at the Service Desk for details, or see information on the website

PASCAL, the library's storage facility for older materials located on the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus offers a drop-off and pick-up location for library materials. More information on PASCAL can be viewed on the website

Student Health Promotion

Office of Student Health Promotion

Website: https://www.cuanschutz.edu/student/health-wellness/health-promotion
Email: health.promotion@cuanschutz.edu

The Office of Student Health Promotion strives to create a supportive community where students feel a sense of belonging, where their holistic health and wellbeing are nurtured, and they are empowered to excel in their academic training. Through events, services, resources and student involvement, Student Health Promotion offers students support and opportunities of personal development towards thriving while at CU Anschutz. Tool and resources to support student well-being include:

  • Telus Health Student Support App

Free, confidential, 24/7 access to mental health counseling and wellness resources for CU Anschutz students and residents. Talk, text, or video chat using the Telus Health Student Support App. Additional details are available here.

  • Student Health Promotion Committee

Website: https://www.cuanschutz.edu/student/health-wellness/health-promotion/committee
Students representing each school/college work collaboratively to implement positive initiatives and create a culture of health and wellness on campus. Creating programming, education, and marketing, the SHPC apply student perspective to meet the needs and interests around health and well-being. To get involved, or learn more about the committee or meeting times access their page through this site.

  • The CU Anschutz Phoenix Center

Website: https://www.cuanschutz.edu/student/support/phoenix-center
Resource Line: 303-329-9922 ext. 302
Sexual Assault Hotline: 303-322-7273
Línea de Crisis Sobre La Violencia Sexual: 303-329-0031

The Phoenix Center at CU Anschutz (PCA) is a resource for students, faculty, and staff who are affected by interpersonal violence (IPV) including relationship violence, sexual violence, and stalking. The Phoenix Center is proud to partner with The Blue Bench to provide free and confidential support and advocacy services. The Blue Bench is committed to offering support including navigating medical and legal logistics, counseling and case management options, and advocacy services.

The PCA continues to offer support in identifying and navigating resources for individuals seeking support. Additional information is available by calling 303-724-7674 or emailing phoenixcenter@cuanschutz.edu.

  • WeCU Peer Coaches 

Website: https://www.cuanschutz.edu/student/health-wellness/health-promotion/peer-coaching
Email: health.promotion@cuanschutz.edu
Peer coaches are trained to provide a guided conversation in a one-on-one setting, to help students identify their strengths, motivations, passions, and target areas in their life they would like to build upon or change. Students can make appointments with a peer coach. For Fall Semester, all appointments will occur virtually. Coaches will not prescribe a plan, but instead partner in a discussion to explore new and creative approaches to accomplish successful change. Additional information on what to expect, and how to schedule an appointment is available here.

  • Recovery & Resiliency Group

Recovery-based community that provides support to CU Anschutz students and trainees. Private with no registration/sign-in. Student led, with no traditional structure/agenda. Current meeting information/details available via this site.

  • HelpCompass

Website: https://help.cuanschutz.edu/
HelpCompass is an essential crisis navigation tool that helps students, faculty, and staff connect to the right help in moments of need. Life gets hard. Finding help should be easy.

  • YOU@CUAnschutz

Website: https://you.cuanschutz.edu/
Email: health.promotion@cuanschutz.edu

This is a personalized wellness hub that offers information about health and well-being customized to your interests and needs. Use to find campus resources and events, to build healthy habits and create personalized goals. YOU is here to help you Succeed, Thrive, and Matter. Free and confidential.

Student Outreach and Support Office

1312 East 19th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80045

Phone: 303-724-2866
Website: https://www.cuanschutz.edu/student/support/case-management
Email: StudentAffairs@cuanschutz.edu

At CU Anschutz, we en​gage in a culture of care and strive to maintain the well-being of the campus community. We collaborate with all of the schools and colleges to ensure students have access to resources that help them navigate challenging experiences.​

Functions of Outreach and Support

  • Create access to resources for students to maintain their safety, health, and well-being
  • Develop an environment where everyone understands their responsibility of noticing the well-being of those around them
  • Consult and train on supporting students in navigating challenging situations
  • Manage the Case Management referral system
  • Manage the Medical Leave of Absence and Fit to Return process
  • Use a case management framework for proactive and reactive support
  • Convene the CARE Team
  • Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 08:00am - 5:00pm; Evening Hours on Monday: 06:00pm - 08:00pm

Per the Duty to Report Criminal and Threatening Behavior Policy, university staff, faculty, students and volunteers are required to report any threatening or criminal behavior to police and are encouraged to follow up with a CARE Report. Additionally, per the CARE Team Policy all university staff, faculty, students, and volunteers are strongly encouraged to report concerning student behavior to the CARE Team.  Referrals can be submitted online at https://www.cuanschutz.edu/student/support/care-team.