2024-2025 Academic Catalog

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Co-Curricular Engagement

Campus Life

Keeping Students Informed and Engaged

The Office of Student Affairs makes central to its mission that students have plenty of opportunities to stay engaged with the campus community. It advises Student Senate, manages student organizations and interest groups, and helps keep students informed of volunteer opportunities, recreation, and events on campus.

Campus Traditions

The Office of Student Affairs in partnership with internal and external campus partners are hosting our annual campus traditions to build community and pride. Student, staff, faculty and alumni are invited to all of the events. Events include: Outdoor Movies, Welcome Week, Guest Speakers, First Snow, Winter Fest, Intramural Sports, Zoo Lights, Denver Sports, Sustainability Solutions Challenge, Concert Series, Donor Ceremony, and Student Awards.

For more information, please visit the event page website at https://cuanschutz.edu/student/campus-life/annual-campus-events.

Student Clubs and Organizations

The Office of Student Affairs recognizes interdisciplinary student clubs and organizations. Any interdisciplinary student organization wishing to be a recognized student organization at CU Anschutz should acquaint themselves with the policy and complete the the CU Anschutz Club/Organization Advisor Recognition Renewal and the CU Anschutz Club/Organization Recognition Renewal.

Student organizations are required to renew their recognition each year in the spring starting April 1st. In order to complete the recognition process, each organization will need to confirm three (3) officers, one (1) faculty/staff advisor, as well as upload their constitution/by-laws.

More information can be found at https://www.cuanschutz.edu/student/campus-life/organizations

Student Senate

Student Senate is the interdisciplinary student governance group at the CU Anschutz. Representatives are elected from every class in every school or program: Anesthesiologist Assistants, Child Health Associate/Physician Assistant, Dentistry, Basic Sciences Graduate School, School of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy.

Student Senate is responsible for the creation and oversight of the Senate funding requests, which allocates money to affiliated and campus wide organizations on campus. Senate is also responsible for planning and overseeing campus-wide senate sponsored events and activities. Senators address complaints and ideas for improving student life on campus, act as official liaisons between students and administration, attend meetings regularly and become involved in various committees and their work.

For additional information on Student Senate's role and responsibilities, along with meeting information, please visit the Student Senate's website at cuanschutz.edu/student/campus-life/senate.