2021-2022 Academic Catalog

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Accepted Courses for Transfer

Military Service and Schooling

To have credit for educational experiences evaluated, applicants with military experience will be required to submit the DD-214 to the Office of Veterans Student Services. Applicants should also submit the Smart Transcript and official Dantes Subject Standard Test (DSST) score reports (if applicable) to the Office of Admissions for additional credit consideration. For students with other military credit for which a separate transcript is issued, such as Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) or Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS), official transcripts should be sent to the Office of Admissions.

It is the policy of CU Denver to award transfer credit for military courses and/or military service based on the recommendations of the American Council on Education (ACE)’s Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experiences in the Armed Services, provided such credit is generally applicable to CU Denver programs of study. For DSST exams, only upper-level credit as recommended by the ACE guide is considered in transfer. For military transcripts such as CCAF and AARTS, transfer credit is considered on the same basis as transcripts from traditional collegiate institutions.

Upon review of the Certificate of Release of Discharge from Active Duty form (DD-214)/Member 4 Service 2 or additional documentation as required either elective or core course credit will be awarded based on ACE recommendations.

Element of Service Course Awarded Credit Hours Awarded CU Denver Undergraduate Core Curriculum Category or Requirement Fulfilled
Basic Training HUMN 1999ME 3 Humanities
Non-Commissioned Officer’s Course SSCI 1999ME 3 Social Science
Overseas Deployment of at Least 6 Months None None International Perspectives (Waived of Requirement)
Military Language Training Institute None None School/College Foreign Language Graduation Requirement (Waived of Requirement)
Enlisted Rank E4 or higher None None Business Experiential Learning Requirement (Waived of Requirement for Business Majors Only)
Rank E4 or below XFCR 1999ME 6 General Elective Credit
Rank E5 or higher/ More than 1 enlisted term (5+ years) XFCR 1999ME and XFCR 3999ME 12 General Elective Credit (6 lower division credits and 6 upper division credits)

The applicability of electives is determined by the student’s major and/or college.

For any questions or further information regarding military credit transfer, please contact the CU Denver Office of Veteran Student Services at 303-556-2745 (DD-214 credit consideration).

Other University of Colorado Campus Coursework

A current CU Denver student can take courses at other University of Colorado campuses. Those campuses include Boulder and Colorado Springs. However, courses taken at another University of Colorado campus are subject to various transfer rules as stated below:

  • When the course is taken, all coursework needs to be submitted to the Office of Admissions.
  • Courses will be calculated into the cumulative University of Colorado GPA.
  • Course subject codes and numbering are subject to change due to the different curriculum taught at the various campuses. In other words, courses will not be transferred as equivalencies.

School/College Specific Policy

College of Architecture and Planning

BS Architecture students must have the written approval of the BS Architecture director or undergraduate academic advisor to register for courses (excluding MSUD pooled courses) offered by other institutions, including other University of Colorado locations. Credit will not be given for courses taken without approval. Grades of C or better must be earned to receive the undergraduate bachelor’s degree credit. Generally, only non-architecture electives or lower-division, non-architecture requirements are acceptable for transfer from other institutions once a student has been admitted to the BS Architecture Program. Students who, after admission to the college, take more than 12 semester hours from another institution, must reapply for admission to the college as transfer students and must meet the current admission requirements.

The maximum number of credit hours applied to individual architecture major requirements from transfer coursework must not exceed the number of credit hours given to its equivalent CU Denver course. Excess credit hours from architecture-related transfer coursework will not count toward the 120 credit hours needed for the BS Architecture degree.

College of Arts & Media

Students should consult the College of Arts & Media in advance at CAM@ucdenver.edu to determine how courses from other University of Colorado campuses may complete degree requirements at CU Denver.

Business School

Business students must have the written approval of the business program director to register for courses (excluding MSUD pooled courses) offered by other institutions, including other University of Colorado locations. Credit will not be given for courses taken without approval. Grades of C- or better must be earned for most transfer credit to receive business degree credit, however, upper division business core must be a C. Generally, only non-business electives or lower-division, non-business requirements are acceptable for transfer from other institutions once a student has been admitted to the Business School.   

  1. Admitted Business School students may request by email or petition to complete business lower division courses or 3000-level business core courses at another institution as long as:
    1. The student still meets our 30-hour residency rule (Business courses completed at CU Denver),
    2. The student still meets our 45 upper division hours rule (we count upper-division transfer credit toward this 45),
    3. The institution of choice meets our transfer agreements (AACSB, Colorado Community Colleges),
    4. The course is approved for transfer via syllabus review
  2. We will not transfer in any of our major courses, international studies, or MGMT 4500 Business Policy and Strategic Management except in rare situations by petition. If approved, the student must still meet all residency rules.

School of Education and Human Development

Students should consult with the undergraduate advisor in advance to determine how courses from other University of Colorado campuses may complete degree requirements at CU Denver.

College of Engineering, Design and Computing

Transfers between campuses of the University of Colorado should be carefully planned to avoid loss of academic credit. Courses and credits required for engineering degrees vary from campus to campus; therefore, students should plan as far ahead as possible. An advisor can help choose the right courses. Such planning should also include contacting the engineering department to which the student plans to transfer at least one semester before the transfer is planned. The transfer student must have at least a 2.000 GPA for 30 hours of credit toward an engineering degree to be eligible to transfer. A higher GPA may be required to transfer directly into the College of Engineering, Design and Computing. In general, calculus, physics and chemistry courses will transfer for full credit. In addition, 12 semester hours of humanities and social sciences electives will usually transfer for full credit. Fundamental computing courses may be unique by campus and should be checked with the campus to which the student is transferring. Any minimum academic preparation standards (MAPS) deficiencies should be eliminated before transferring.

International Coursework

Study Abroad Coursework

Current CU Denver students are encouraged to participate in the various study abroad programs offered through the Office of Global Education.

Before a student studies abroad on a non-CU Denver (third-party) program, they must have all courses pre-approved by the appropriate academic departments as well as their primary school/college advisor. All courses taken abroad must apply towards the degree in some capacity whether that be for major, minor, or elective credit. This pre-approval process must be completed via the Office of Global Education (OGE) Course Approval Form. This form can be found in a student’s online OGE application or students can pick up a blank copy in the Office of Global Education. After being signed by all relevant advisors, this form must be submitted to and signed by the Office of Global Education. The Office of Global Education will only process credit back to CU Denver from an accredited institution or provider that has been approved by the office.

Prior to departure students will be enrolled in the variable-credit placeholder course STDY 3995/5995 (Undergraduate/Graduate) for each term they are abroad. Registration in STDY 3995/5995 maintains full-time enrollment and student status at CU Denver and authorizes the release of financial aid.

Transcripts will be issued by the foreign institution or domestic school of record. Once transcripts are received by the Office of Global Education, the Course Approval Form will be compared to the transcripts. Credits will be transferred to the University and onto the student's transcript following the university’s transfer credit policy.

The grades and courses will not appear on the student’s transcripts, but earned credits and the issuing institution will appear. Should a student fail a course, no credit will be issued, and the course will not appear on the transcript.

School/College Specific Policy

Business School

Transfer credit from study abroad programs requires prior written approval from the Advising Department. Students must meet with a business staff advisor to determine course acceptability prior to the semester in which they intend to study abroad. Information on the various programs is available at the Office of International Affairs.