2021-2022 Academic Catalog

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Registration Process

Students should review the sections of this catalog that describe in detail the academic programs available at the Denver Campus.

The registrar’s office will send an e-mail message to the student’s university-assigned e-mail address, inviting the student to register, including registration information and a registration time assignment. Registration is by time assignment only. Students may register via the web on or after their assigned time.

Enrollment Appointment

An enrollment appointment is a specific time and date at which a student can register for classes through UCDAccess. This enrollment appointment is assigned to a student the semester prior to the term of registration. Students cannot enroll for classes prior to the date and time specified. Enrollment appointment dates are based on the number of academic hours completed. Enrollment appointment times are randomly assigned in fifteen minute timeslots. Students can check the UCDAccess student portal for their specific enrollment appointment date and time. The general progression of registration will start with graduate students, 5th-year seniors, seniors, juniors, sophomore, freshman, and non-degree students. Students who register as soon as their enrollment appointment begins are more likely to find space in the courses they prefer.

Course Load/Restriction

In most cases, students wishing to take more than 18 semester hours (12 in the summer session) must have the overload approved by the dean of their college or school. Consult the individual college or school for specific guidelines as to course-load restrictions.

Web Registration and Student Information

Denver Campus students can register and obtain information regarding their academic and financial records by logging into their UCD Access portal.

Online registration allows the student to check the availability of specific courses prior to their registration time and to search for available courses by department, course level, or meeting time. If registration in a course is denied, the reason will be specified in UCD Access.

Student information available online currently includes mailing address verification (or change), admission application status, financial aid information, schedule by semester, grades by semester, unofficial transcript, account balance, online payment and degree audit (for some programs).

Additional information regarding programs, faculty, courses and policies are available through the Graduate School.