2024-2025 Academic Catalog

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Readmission Requirements for Former Students

Degree-seeking students who have not attended classes on the Denver Campus for one year (three semesters) or longer must apply for readmission by completing an online application. The University of Colorado transcripts (Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver) are not required; however, official transcripts from each college or university attended following enrollment at CU Denver must be submitted.

Note: The Office of Undergraduate Admissions may require you to resubmit transcripts depending on the desired major.

How to Apply as a Readmit Student

Please visit https://www.ucdenver.edu/admissions/-apply-now and apply as an undergraduate student.

For readmission information of service members, please click here.

Academic Suspension/Probation Review (ASPR) for CU System Students

Transfer/readmit students with a cumulative CU GPA below 2.0 from any University of Colorado campus (Boulder, Colorado Springs or Denver) are subject to additional review by the school or college to which they are applying. Applicants must meet program requirements of the school or college to which they are applying. If requirements are not met, the applicant can be reviewed by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for general admission to CU Denver. Applicants should allow additional processing time for this review and contact the school or college advising office for additional information.

Note: Each school and college may also have petition deadlines in place. Due to the time sensitive nature of this process, applicants should contact the school to college advising office as soon as possible.

Applicants who completed high school concurrent courses through any University of Colorado institution and have a GPA below 2.0 are not subject to additional review. However, applicants should be aware that concurrent coursework completed at a University of Colorado institution is counted toward their cumulative CU GPA.  

Fresh Start Policy

For more information regarding the Fresh Start policy, please click here.