2023-2024 Academic Catalog

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Chinese (CHIN)

CHIN 5690 -  Methods of Teaching Modern Languages  (3 Credits)  

Studies the methods and practices of teaching modern languages. Note: requirement for those wishing to be teaching assistants in the Department of Modern Languages, and for language majors in the teacher certification program, School of Education, CU Denver. This course is taught in English and does not fulfill the foreign language proficiency requirement for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Cross-listed with MLNG 4690, MLNG 5690, SPAN 4690, SPAN 5690, FREN 4690, FREN 5690, GRMN 4690, GRMN 5690, CHIN 4690. Term offered: fall. Max Hours: 3 Credits.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade

Typically Offered: Fall.

CHIN 5691 -  Methods of Teaching Modern Languages II  (3 Credits)  

A continuation of the study of modern language teaching methods. This second course has an emphasis on experiential learning through individual teaching demonstrations, class observations, as well as team teaching with experienced instructors. Cross-listed with MLNG 4691, MLNG 5691, SPAN 4691, SPAN 5691, FREN 4691, FREN 5691, GRMN 4691, GRMN 5691, CHIN 4691. Prereq: MLNG 5690 or SPAN 5690 or FREN 5690 or GRMN 5690 or CHIN 5690. Term offered: spring. Max Hours: 3 Credits.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade

Prereq: MLNG 5690 or SPAN 5690 or FREN 5690 or GRMN 5690 or CHIN 5690

Typically Offered: Spring.

CHIN 5880 -  Directed Research  (1-6 Credits)  

Students will engage in original research projects supervised and mentored by faculty. Students must work with faculty prior to registration to develop a proposal for their project and receive permission to take this course. Note: Students must submit a special processing form completely filled out and signed by the student and faculty member, describing the course expectations, assignments and outcomes, to the CLAS Graduate Academic Services Coordinator for approval. Repeatable. Max hours: 6 Credits.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade

Repeatable. Max Credits: 6.