2021-2022 Academic Catalog

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International Studies (INTS)

INTS 5152 -  Religion & Communication  (3 Credits)  

This course focuses on the relational/coconstitutive dynamics between religion, culture, and communication and how that shapes the world in which people live; how the legacy of political religious conflict, in conjunction with international culture wars, instigate socio-cultural conflict and change; and how an in-depth study of the dynamics of religion, culture, and communication can improve intergroup/intercultural/international relations or even negotiation/conflict resolution processes. Students will develop capacity to critically analyze the socio-cultural and political implication of religious ideology (radical and moderate), ways in which these ideologies are performed and communicated, and their (studentsʼ) agency/ability to contribute to intercultural/international understanding, conflict resolution, civic engagement, and/or social justice efforts. In addition, upon completion, students should be prepared to engage in complex conversations about the idea of religion, itʼs role and relevance in human lives, and recognize several commonalities and differences between their (studentsʼ) and non-Western/other societiesʼ worldviews, cultures, and communicative dynamics. We will engage these topics through multiple and diverse readings, examples from television, film, and social media, reflexive writing assignments, research and analytical activities, critical discussions, and experiential learning activities. Restriction: Restricted to Graduate and Graduate Non-Degree Majors. Cross-listed with COMM 4152, INTS 4152, RLST 4152, COMM 5152, and RLST 5152. Max hours: 3 Credits.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade

Restriction: Restricted to Graduate and Graduate Non-Degree Majors

INTS 5995 -  Global Study Topics  (1-15 Credits)  

This course is reserved for CU Denver faculty-led study abroad experiences. The course topic will vary based on the location and course content. Students register through the Office of Global Education. Cross-listed with INTS 4995. Term offered: summer. Repeatable. Max Hours: 15 Credits.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade

Repeatable. Max Credits: 15.