2021-2022 Academic Catalog

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Business (BUSN)

BUSN 1110 -  Intro to Investment Services Careers  (1 Credit)  

Open to all majors! Provides a comprehensive overview of careers in the Investment Services industry. Emphasis will be on interactions with industry professionals to provide hands-on knowledge and opportunities for in-depth discussion.Students are required to participate in a site visit to an investment services company during the course. Max hours: 1 Credit.

Grading Basis: Pass/Fail Only

BUSN 1200 -  Career and Professional Development  (3 Credits)  

This first year course develops a student’s professional skills, providing knowledge on key factors for early and long-term career success. Through applied learning and career-oriented experiences, the course covers: career and major exploration, student resources, resume writing, interview skills, business communications, professional etiquette, emotional intelligence, time management, ethical behavior, and workplace expectations. Students will have opportunities to develop their own professional network with business leaders as new members of the Business School. Restriction: Restricted to freshman level Business School majors. Max hours: 3 Credits.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade

Restriction: Restricted to freshman and sophomore level Business School majors.

BUSN 4950 -  Special Topics  (1 Credit)  

Research methods and results, special topics and professional development in business. Prerequisites vary according to topic and instructor requirements.

Grading Basis: Pass/Fail Only

Repeatable. Max Credits: 3.