2023-2024 Academic Catalog

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Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Education (STME)

STME 1000 -  STEM Methods  (3 Credits)  

This course provides an overview of STEM practices and philosophies in PK-12 education. STEM trends, foundations of practice, and resources are examined. Max hours: 3 Credits.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade

STME 4001 -  Planning for Learning in Mathematics and Science  (3 Credits)  

This course explores aspects of complex curriculum and instructional concepts through the lens of mathematics and science educators. A focus will include: Socio-cultural learning theory in Math and Science; standards-based instruction; instructional design; formative & summative assessment, and differentiation so that meaningful instruction becomes accessible to all students. Cross-listed with STME 5001. Max hours: 3 Credits.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade

STME 4051 -  STEM Capstone: Secondary Education  (3 Credits)  

This course provides Secondary STEM Education students with a capstone learning experience that integrates knowledge of STEM content, students, and school context into socially-just and culturally responsive practices. Cross-listed with STME 5051. Restriction: Professional Year Admission required. Max hours: 3 Credits.

Grading Basis: Letter Grade

Professional Year Admission required. Students must be enrolled in one of the following plans: ECED-LICU or EGLH-LICU or ELED-LICU or FWLF-LICU or FWLS-LICU or MATH-LICU or MSMA-LICU or SCIG-LICU or SPED-LICU or SSSS-LICU