2021-2022 Academic Catalog

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Human-Centered Design and Innovation Minor


The Inworks minor in Human-Centered Design and Innovation (HCDI) is a flexible six-course program that allows you to explore Design Thinking, Computational Thinking, and Radical Interdisciplinarity, building toward Innovation. 

Inworks is a space that catalyzes meaningful collaboration, and students of all majors will find a place here. Why collaborate with students of different majors? The hardest problems we face need solutions, which are often found at the intersection of different disciplines. Without people from across the spectrum coming together, those solutions might not be discovered.  

Also, no matter what you’re studying, a focus on human-centered design will help you to deepen your understanding of the problems in your field, making you more effective as you navigate them. 

Please contact your undergraduate advisor about adding the undergraduate minor in HCDI or email us at inworks@ucdenver.edu for more information.