2022-2023 Academic Catalog

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Intercampus Enrollment

The Intercampus Enrollment Program is open to all CU Denver degree seeking students who are currently enrolled in CU Denver courses. This program helps students fulfill degree requirements so that they may graduate in a timely manner. Students who wish to utilize this program and enroll in courses at the Boulder or Colorado Springs campus concurrently, must meet with their Academic Advisor from their School/College at the Home (Denver) Campus to confirm that the course taken at a Host Campus is equivalent to the course needed to graduate, and to ensure that all required  prerequisites/requisites are fulfilled.

Actively-enrolled CU Denver degree seeking students may be eligible for enrollment in up to two (2) courses or six (6) credit hours, whichever is greater, at another CU campus, by submitting the Intercampus Enrollment and Policy Form to the Registrar’s Office prior to the Add Deadline date of the Host Campus (Boulder/Colorado Springs). The Intercampus Enrollment and Policy Form can be obtained by accessing the CU Denver Registrar’s Office website.

If you are a student using VA Education benefits Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill), you should NOT use the Intercampus Enrollment Program if you want your enrollments at a sister campus covered. Contact your VMSS Certifying Official to go over your options.

If you are a student using VA Education benefits Chapters 30, 31, 35 and Chapter 1606, you are ELIGIBLE to use the Intercampus Program and your courses will be covered under the Intercampus Enrollment Program billing policy.

Students who wish to utilize this program must meet the following requirements for eligibility:

  • Must be currently enrolled in at least one (1) course at their home campus during the term in which they are seeking enrollment at CU Boulder/CU Colorado Springs.
  • Students must have their Academic Advisor confirm that all requisites have been met by the student prior to enrollment in the requested Intercampus course(s).
  • Courses requested through the Intercampus Enrollment Program must be Main Campus courses. Continuing Education courses are not eligible under any circumstance.
  • Some Undergraduate & Graduate Students may be exempt from Home campus enrollment if seeking a degree in the following programs at the campus listed:
    • Applied Mathematics (PhD) - Boulder, Denver
    • Architecture & Planning, (PhD) - Boulder, Denver
    • Civil Engineering, (PhD) - Boulder, Denver
    • Computer Science (MS & PhD) - Boulder, Denver
    • Education Administration (All Careers) - Denver
    • Electrical Engineering - Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver
    • Geography (MA) - Boulder, Colorado Springs
    • Master of Engineering - Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver
    • Mechanical Engineering - Boulder, Denver
    • Psychology - Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver
    • Public Affairs - Colorado Springs, Denver

Enrollment and the dropping of Intercampus Enrollment course(s) can only be performed by the student’s Home Campus Registrar’s Office.

Students enrolled for course(s) at a Host Campus are responsible for requesting the adding and/or dropping of courses within the host campus’s deadlines, published on the Host Campus Academic Calendar.

Any questions regarding this program should be directed to the “Home Campus” Intercampus Enrollment Coordinator within the Registrar’s Office.

To review the policy in full, please click here and search policy number 8002.