2021-2022 Academic Catalog

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Inter-Institutional Coursework

CU Denver degree seeking students can take courses to count towards degree completion or fulfill pre-requisites for CU Denver courses, by taking courses at Community College of Denver (CCD) through the Inter-Institutional Program.

To be eligible to participate in the Inter-Institutional program between CU Denver and the Community College of Denver (CCD), a student will need to follow the steps outline below. Please note, there are restrictions that will apply:

  • Consult your department chair, Dean, or advisor to verify that the courses apply toward your degree requirements.
  • Must be a CU Denver, degree-seeking student.
  • Must be enrolled in classes at CU Denver during the same term as requested enrollment at CCD.
  • Apply for Admission as a non-degree seeking student and register for classes at according to their published deadlines.
  • Complete the Inter-Institutional Application and Registration form.
  • Registration form must be approved and signed by the student’s Dean’s office.
  • Submit the completed Inter-Institutional forms to the Registrar’s office at CU Denver for approval.
  • Waitlisted CCD classes are not eligible for the Inter-Institutional program.
  • Online classes are not eligible for the Inter-Institutional program.
  • Credit hours taken at CCD must be equal to or less than the number of enrolled credits taken at CU Denver. Enrollment credits may not exceed 9 credit hours or two full-term classes (whichever may be higher) per semester.
  • CU Denver students are required to meet all CCD course prerequisites prior to registration.
  • Tuition fees for all classes will be billed through CU Denver and payment must be made according to published deadlines.
  • Enrollment credit hours at CCD through the Inter-Institutional program are not eligible for Financial Aid.
  • Students must follow the CCD academic calendar concerning all deadline dates.
  • Courses must be added or dropped by the published date on the Inter-Institutional form.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to verify all CCD deadline dates, as they are different than CU Denver’s Academic Calendar deadlines.
  • Any registration modifications must be submitted to both Registrar Offices at CCD and CU Denver.
  • If classes are not dropped by CCD’s drop deadline date, you may receive an “F” as a letter grade on your transcripts.
  • At the end of the term, CU Denver students must obtain an official transcript from CCD and submit it to CU Denver Transfer Articulation for transfer credits.