2021-2022 Academic Catalog

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Please review the current term’s academic calendar for the most recent add/drop deadlines by visiting the registrar’s website at www.ucdenver.edu/registrar.

Administrative Drop

An administrative drop is implemented by university officials in the registrar’s office or the dean’s office. A student may be administratively dropped from one or more classes or withdrawn from all classes for any of the following reasons:

  • failure to meet certain preconditions, including but not limited to:
    • class cancellations
    • failure to meet course prerequisites
  • whenever the safety of the student, faculty member, or other students in a course would be jeopardized
  • academic suspension, including but not limited to failure to attain or maintain a required GPA
  • as a potential sanction for a violation of the code of student conduct
  • disruptive behavior determined by the chair and/or associate dean or Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to be detrimental to the progress of the course and the education of other students

Outstanding Debt/Administrative Drop Policy

Students who owe a past due debt to the university in excess of $300 will be administratively dropped from any future terms if past due amount is not paid in full before the Friday prior to the first day of classes of the next term.

To Withdraw from CU Denver

To withdraw from the University of Colorado Denver, students must drop all courses for the semester. Prior to census (see current academic calendar for census date), students must use the web registration system to drop courses. Courses dropped during this period are not recorded on the student’s permanent record.

After the census date (see current academic calendar for census date), through the 10th week (fourth week for summer) students may withdraw from their courses using the UCDAccess Portal. Courses dropped during this period will be recorded on the student’s permanent record with a grade of W.

Courses dropped during this period will be recorded on the student’s permanent record with a grade of W.

Students seeking to withdraw after the 10th week (fourth week for summer) must petition the associate dean of their school or college. A student who stops attending classes without officially withdrawing from the university will receive grades of F for all course work during that term.

Deadlines for dropping module and intensive courses appear in the student portal.

Medical Withdrawal

A student who wishes to withdraw under the Medical Withdrawal Policy must withdraw from all classes. Additionally, international students must contact their assigned International Services Specialist to discuss visa implications associated with withdrawing. Students seeking to withdraw for non-medical reasons will need to review the withdrawal policies and procedures for their respective school or college. For more information, see The Office of Case Management.