2021-2022 Academic Catalog

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Certificate Program

The minimum number of credit hours required for a Graduate Certificate is twelve (12), although exceptions might apply. While it is expected that most of the coursework will be at the graduate level (5000 or above), no more than 3 credits may be earned at the undergraduate level (4000 level only), and with the approval of the Certificate Program Director. All graduate level certificate courses (5000 or above) will be eligible for transfer into a subsequent Graduate Degree Program assuming a) they meet the minimum grade requirements of the Graduate Program (which may be more stringent than those of  the Graduate School Policies and Procedures), b) the courses are deemed appropriate for the specific program of study, and c) the courses are approved for transfer by the Graduate Program Director.

Admission to Candidacy

Students who have completed the coursework required for a Graduate Certificate must submit a Certificate of Completion form. This form is available on the Graduate School website and must be signed by the Certificate Program Director prior to submission to the Graduate School. The Certificate of Completion form has to be submitted to the Graduate School no later than the deadline posted for the semester in which students expect to have their Certificate awarded. A form that has been approved certifies

1. That the courses listed on the Certificate Completion form are compliant with the Certificate Curriculum and the requirements of the Graduate School,

2. That the course grades meet the minimum requirement of the Certificate Program,

3. The total Graduate Certificate GPA is at least a 3.0.