2021-2022 Academic Catalog

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Graduate School Policies and Procedures

Because each program operates differently within the scope and boundaries set by the Graduate School Policies & Procedures, each graduate program should have its own handbook or other similar resource that describes what is expected of its students The Graduate School Policies & Procedures provide a foundation of minimum requirements, but programs are free to set higher expectations, provided those expectations are clearly communicated and applied equitably.

Please click here to view the general Graduate School Policies & Procedures.  

For information regarding University and Campus wide policies, please click here.

Listed below are all the schools/colleges and programs that are governed by the Graduate School Policies & Procedures:

Business School

  • Computer Science and Information Systems PhD¹

College of Architecture and Planning

  • Geography, Planning, and Design PhD
  • Historic Preservation MS
  • Urban and Regional Planning MURP

College of Arts & Media

  • Recording Arts MSRA
  • Media Forensics MS

College of Engineering, Design and Computing

  • Bioengineering MS
  • Bioengineering PhD
  • Civil Engineering MS
  • Civil Engineering MENG
  • Civil Engineering PhD
  • Computer Science & Information Systems PhD
  • Computer Science MS
  • Electrical Engineering MS
  • Electrical Engineering MENG
  • Engineering and Applied Science PhD
    • Offered in civil engineering, computer science & engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering MS
  • Mechanical Engineering MENG

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Anthropology MA
  • Applied Geography & Geospatial Science MA
  • Applied Mathematics MS
  • Applied Mathematics PhD
  • Biology MS
  • Chemistry MS
  • Clinical Health Psychology PhD
  • Communication MA
  • Economics MA
  • English MA 
  • Environmental Sciences MS
  • Health and Behavioral Science PhD
  • Health Economics MS
  • Health Economics PhD
  • History MA
  • Humanities MH
  • Integrated Sciences MIS
  • Integrative and Systems Biology PhD
  • Political Science MA
  • Social Sciences MSS
  • Sociology MA
  • Spanish MA
  • Statistics MS

School of Education and Human Development

  • Education and Human Development PhD
  • Leadership for Educational Equity EdD
  • School Psychology PsyD

School of Public Affairs

  • Criminal Justice MCJ
  • Public Affairs PhD