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2011-2012 CU Denver Catalog 
2011-2012 CU Denver Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre, Film and Television BFA

The Department of Theatre, Film and Video Production offers a bachelor of fine arts (BFA) program in film/theatre production or writing/directing. The BFA’s goal is to provide training at a professional skill level while implementing overall departmental goals, culminating in a comprehensive review that requires successful completion of a portfolio and/or thesis project. The program prepares students to begin their careers with entry-level positions in their areas of study, start their personal creative work or continue their studies in a graduate program.

Emphases and Degree Requirements

All students pursuing a BFA in theatre, film and television complete a total of at least 78 semester hours for the major: 36 semester hours of foundation courses and 42 semester hours in an emphasis area. Students choose between emphases in film/theatre production and writing/directing; see detailed course requirements below. Each course must be completed with a C (2.0) or better. At least 24 of the major semester hours must be earned at CU Denver. Students must also follow the College of Arts & Media’s general degree requirements .

Admission Procedures and Incoming Assessment Criteria for BFA

The first step for students seeking a BFA is to apply to the university and be accepted under the theatre, film and television bachelor of arts (BA) program . Typically, after at least three semesters and satisfactory completion of foundation sequence courses in theatre, video/television and film, the qualified student is able to audition/interview during spring semester for admittance into the BFA program the following fall.

Assessment for admission to the BFA program includes the following:

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.75 or better in film, video and theatre course work.
  • Department Interview. Each student is interviewed by members of the Theatre, Film and Video Production faculty to ascertain whether the student’s aspirations and expectations are related to those of the BFA program.
  • Diagnostic Exam and Essay. Students are required to take an objective examination and write an essay on material covered in the foundation sequence courses. This examination is offered during the spring semester.
  • Résumé. The résumé should include theatre/film/video work experience and education to date.
  • Successful completion of foundation courses (see below) with a grade of C (2.0) or better in each course. Students should have at least 24 foundation semester hours completed or in progress at the time of application in spring semester. Note that the BFA foundation courses may also apply toward the Theatre, Film and Television BA degree requirements (for those who pursue the BA instead of the BFA). 
  • Development and successful presentation of a portfolio of the student’s work to date. Faculty review each student’s classroom, studio and production work.

For further information, including annual spring semester application deadlines, please contact CAMadvising@ucdenver.edu.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are considered on a case-by-case basis. However, a minimum of at least one semester (12 semester hours) “residency” in the BA program is required before students can participate in spring audition/interviews for possible admittance into the BFA program. Students are only admitted to the BFA for fall semester.

Admission Deferment

Students admitted to the BFA program may defer their admission for one year, to the fall semester of the academic years following their original admission to the program. Students must contact the Theatre, Film and Video Production Department (303-556-2781) to formally request their deferment. If more than one year elapses after a student’s semester of admission and that student has not begun BFA emphasis course requirements, full reapplication is required to attempt to pursue the BFA.

Student Handbook

All students in the theatre, film and video production program are required to know and abide by the policies and procedures outlined in the TFVP Student Handbook, available by contacting CAMadvising@ucdenver.edu



Total for Foundation: 36 Hours

Film and Theatre Production Emphasis Courses

Approved Elective Courses

 Select 18 semester hours from the following:

Total for Film and Theatre Production Emphasis: 42 hours

Writing/Directing Emphasis Courses

Required Courses

Approved Elective Courses

 Select 15 semester hours from the following:

Total for Writing/Directing Emphasis: 42 Hours