May 26, 2020  
2010-2011 Denver Campus Catalog 
2010-2011 Denver Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology BS

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Students must declare a major by the time they have completed 60 semester hours of course work. To be admitted to the BS major, students must have sophomore standing and have received grades of B or better in General Biology I and II for majors with laboratory, or the equivalent. Students must take at least 48 hours and a maximum of 56 semester hours in psychology, biology and chemistry that will count toward graduation. A minimum of 15 upper-division semester hours must be taken from Downtown Campus faculty. No grade below C is acceptable toward the major requirements; i.e., psychology, biology or chemistry courses in which a student earns a C- or below will not count toward the major.

Psychology Requirements

Required Psychology Courses

Total: 16 Hours

Choose two:

Total: 6-7 Hours

Experiential Learning Requirement

Students must complete at least one of the following (all require consultation with BS advisor AND permission of instructor):

Total: 3 Hours

Physical and Biological Science Requirements

Required Courses

Total: 17 Hours

Choose two:

Total: 6-8 Hours

BS Major Total: 48-51 Hours

Additional elective courses in psychology, biology and chemistry may be taken up to the maximum of 56 hours.




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