Dec 03, 2020  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Criminology Certificate


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Crime and society’s responses to it represent core concerns for social scientists, policy makers, civic leaders, community organizations, and citizens across the globe. Criminology is the field of study dedicated to understanding crime as a social phenomenon. Criminologists study the social construction of laws, nature and causes of crime, reactions to the breaking of laws, and the prevention, control and treatment of crime. The Department of Sociology’s Criminology Certificate offers an essential foundation for students pursuing careers in criminal justice, victim and community services, criminal law, and non-profit organizations in local and international contexts. The certificate also prepares interested students for law school and graduate programs in sociology and criminology. Students may ultimately use this training to conduct social research on crime, influence public policy, and inform government decisions about crime and law.

Upon successful completion of the certificate, students will:

  • Understand the theoretical explanations for the social and behavioral causes of crime and crime reduction
  • Possess a fundamental understanding of the criminal-legal and political institutions responsible for crime control and policy
  • Be familiar with currents trends in criminological thought, research, and activism
  • Be able to apply the technical skills of their methodological training to conduct crime analyses and outcomes assessments for programs aimed at crime prevention
  • Engage in original research projects involving criminological topics

Program Delivery

  • This is an on-campus or online program.

Declaring This Certificate

  • Eligibility: While housed in Sociology, criminology is in fact a multidisciplinary field that draws from diverse liberal arts fields, including Psychology, Political Science, Communications, History, Philosophy, among others. Thus, CU Denver undergraduate students in any discipline can enroll in the certificate program. The certificate is also available to non-degree-seeking students who already have earned a BA or BS degree, either at CU Denver or elsewhere.
  • Application procedures: Students are encouraged to apply for the Criminology Certificate at any point in their undergraduate studies. To apply, students should print and attach a completed Criminology Certificate Application to an unofficial transcript. These documents should be submitted to the Criminology Certificate Administrator. Once the application is approved, students will be contacted about their acceptance into the program.

General Requirements

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Program Requirements

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours from the approved courses below.
  2. Students must earn a minimum grade of C- (1.7) in all certificate courses taken at CU Denver and must achieve a minimum cumulative certificate GPA of 2.0. All graded attempts in required and elective courses are calculated in the certificate GPA. Students cannot complete certificate or ancillary course requirements as pass/fail.
  3. Students must complete all credits applied to the certificate at CU Denver chosen from the approved courses below. (If students have completed a course required for the certificate elsewhere, they may add the needed credits in the form of additional elective credits drawn from the approved elective courses.)
  4. The certificate will be awarded when the student graduates with the bachelor’s degree.