May 29, 2020  
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Economics MA/Finance MS Dual Degree

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Admissions Advisor: Brian Duncan (
Schedule Advisor: Hani Mansour (

For students interested in combining the quantitative skills of an economics degree with the specific applications of a business degree, we offer an MA economics / MS finance dual degree. This 42-semester-hour program is offered jointly with the Business School.

A “dual” degree means that students who complete the program earn two master’s degrees: MA in economics and MS in finance. Students interested in completing the dual degree in economics and public administration must apply separately to each program, meet the admission requirements of each program, and be accepted by each program. If one program accepts a student for the dual degree but the other program does not, then the student may not graduate under the dual degree program. Students may apply to both programs at the same time or apply to the economics program first, and then to the finance program after their first semester, or vice versa. Both programs must be completed in the same semester to take advantage of the dual degree program. Further information about this program can be obtained from either the Department of Economics or the Business School.

Click here for admissions requirements for the MA program in Economics  

Click here for admissions requirements for the MS program in Finance and Risk Management  

The dual degree program is intended to create highly-skilled research professionals with considerable econometric skill as well as familiarity with their chosen financial institutions. Given the similarity in course work within the two programs, there can be considerable time savings for the student. Essentially, the program allows students to complete the two programs that separately would require 60 hours of course work with 42 hours of combined course work.

Degree Requirements

The requirements for the dual degree in economics and finance include completing 21 credit hours in ECON and 21 credit hours in FNCE (42 total credit hours)

Students are expected to meet all course prerequisites. A grade of B- or better is required in all courses, with a cumulative grade point average of B (3.0) or above. No course may be taken more than twice. 


Three 6000 or higher courses with a FNCE prefix (9 semester hours), except FNCE 6290 - Quantitative Methods.  Contact a graduate advisor in the Business School for information about Finance course requirements.   

One 5000 or higher course with an ECON prefix (3 semester hours).  Students are strongly encouraged to take 3 elective hours of ECON 6053/6054 or to meet with an economics graduate advisor to discuss how to otherwise prepare for ECON 6073 - Research Seminar.  Contact a graduate advisor in the Economics Department for information about ECON course requirements.

Total: 12 Hours

Dual Degree Total: 42 Hours

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