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2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog 
2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Humanities MH

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►  Graduate School Rules  apply to this program


Requirements for Admission

In addition to the general requirements of the Graduate School governing acceptance to a master’s degree program, applicants must submit the following:

  • a bachelor’s degree
  • two official copies of all transcripts, with an overall GPA of at least 3.0 out of 4.0
  • a writing sample
  • three letters of recommendation (at least two from academic sources)
  • appropriate undergraduate training or professional background, or indicators that supply evidence of ability to pursue the MH degree
  • a typed statement specifying the goal of advanced study in the humanities expressed in clear, correct and effective English
  • standardized test scores are not required, but will be considered if submitted

After meeting all other requirements for admission, applicants may be required to have an interview to discuss their interest in the program and their plans for study. For out-of-state applicants, an appropriate substitute for the interview may be determined by the director.

Provisional admission:

Applicants may be admitted as provisional-status graduate students if their complete record indicates a high probability of success.

Nondegree students:

Potential applicants may take graduate-level courses as nondegree students (unclassified student with a bachelor’s degree) if they:

  1. Wish to strengthen their record in order to demonstrate that they can successfully complete courses in the program
  2. Wish to start courses in the program prior to completing their application.

Up to 12 semester hours taken as a nondegree student may be accepted by the program once a student has been admitted to the program (the 12-hour limit also includes graduate work from another university).

International Students:

International students must also meet UC Denver requirements for international admission. See the Information for International Students  section of this catalog or call 303-315-2230 for further information.


Degree Requirements

Thirty-six semester hours are required for Track I and 39 semester hours are required for Track II. All courses credited toward the MH degree must be taken at UC Denver over a period not exceeding five years (a maximum of 12 graduate semester hours may be transferred from other institutions). At least a B average (3.0) must be maintained. A grade of B- or below will not be counted toward the degree. Each student’s program is supervised by a faculty advisor. All independent study contracts must be approved in advance by one of the program directors. A total of two independent study courses and two 4000-level undergraduate courses may count toward the degree. The rest must be 5000/6000-level courses offered through various departments. All students must pass an oral comprehensive exam in order to graduate.

The master of humanities offers two general plans of study: Track I (individualized program) and Track II (cultural studies in interdisciplinary cluster areas).

TRACK I (Individualized Program) Requirements—Thesis or Project Option

Students in Track I have the opportunity to fashion a course of study based on their individual interests and goals. In consultation with a faculty advisor, students choose two or three academic disciplines as areas of concentration. Students who select a thesis (6 semester hours) will submit a thesis proposal after completing 30 hours of course work. In the case of a project (3 semester hours), students will submit a project proposal after 33 hours.


Three interdisciplinary seminars


21-24 elective semester hours, depending on whether the student chooses the thesis or project option.

Thesis or Project

A thesis (6 semester hours) or a final project (3 semester hours), which must include a substantial scholarly paper and may include a creative exercise involving at least two disciplines. In order to proceed with a thesis or project, all students must submit a proposal approved by three faculty members (and approved by one of the program directors in cases where one of the directors is not serving on the committee).

Oral Exam

An oral exam before a committee of three faculty members in order to graduate.

Track I Total: 36 Hours


TRACK II (Cultural Studies)—Non-thesis or Project Option

This track is somewhat more structured than Track I, but does not require a thesis or a project. In consultation with a faculty advisor, students choose from courses organized into eight interdisciplinary clusters:

  • classics
  • identity and gender
  • meaning and values
  • philosophy and theory
  • self, society and community
  • social and political thought
  • technology and culture
  • understanding America/understanding the world


Core cluster courses

Complete 15 semester hours in one of the above clusters.

Three required interdisciplinary seminars


15 additional elective semester hours (students retain considerable flexibility in selecting these hours).

Comprehensive Exam

A comprehensive oral exam and a brief paper (15-20 pages) presented before a committee of three faculty members in order to graduate.

Track II Total: 39 Hours


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