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2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog 
2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Astrophysics Minor

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Astrophysics is an important and well-represented subdiscipline of physics. It includes the study of the solar system, galactic and extra-galactic astrophysics, as well as cosmology. A minor in this field combines a theoretical approach with observational analysis. There is also opportunity to do research in this field.

While the Department of Physics offers minors in both physics and astrophysics, it is not possible to receive minors in both fields. Physics majors may elect to receive only the astrophysics minor from the department.

The astrophysics minor requires a total of 17 semester hours, in which no grade below a C (2.0) may be used to meet the requirements for the minor. At least 6 semester hours taken for the minor must be completed at the Downtown Campus. Requirements for the minor in astrophysics may be used to fulfill the requirements of the major in physics. However, a student majoring in physics who wants to minor in astrophysics needs to take 15 semester hours in astrophysics that do not overlap with the major.

Program Requirements

Required Physics Courses:

Either of the following two sequences:

Elective Physics Courses

Choose one:

Total: 3 Hours

Minor Total: 17 Hours

*Topics in these classes vary. See departmental advisor for approval.


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