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2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog 
2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Applied German Language Skills Undergraduate Certificate

Certificate Description

The undergraduate certificate in applied German language skills is designed for students of any discipline who wish to acquire and demonstrate to potential employers that they possess a fluid working knowledge of the German language and understanding of the cultures in which German is spoken. The completion of the requirements for this certificate can also serve as a means for nondegree-seeking professionals to develop a working competency in the German language and culture for use in such areas as international business, education, genealogy, transatlantic travel, academic research, translation and many other fields.

Admission Requirements

All currently enrolled students at UC Denver (undergraduate or graduate) in good standing (including nondegree-seeking students) are eligible for admission into the program. Any student who already possesses an undergraduate degree is also qualified for admission into the program, but must apply to the university as a nondegree-seeking student. Students working toward a baccalaureate degree who are currently enrolled in a college-level institution other than UC Denver are also eligible for certification.

Certificate Requirements

To obtain the certificate, students must complete the following three curriculum components:

  1. 24 semester hours of course work with UC Denver faculty (15 of which must be upper division)
  2. Of these 24 hours, 6 hours of documented university-level course work (or the equivalent) in a German-speaking country
  3. An internationally recognized German language proficiency exam

Students must obtain approval from UC Denver German faculty for all of the above and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in all course work applied to the certificate. Full details of this curriculum are outlined in documentation that students can obtain from the Department of Modern Languages Web site.

Transfer Credit

A significant portion of the certificate program is based on language proficiency. Consequently, students who have developed language skills through course work at institutions outside of UC Denver, including study abroad, may apply a limited number of previously earned semester hours toward the program. Please make an appointment with an advisor in the department to discuss details. All transfer credits must be approved by UC Denver German faculty.

Application of Course Work

The course work applied toward certification is meant as a proficiency requirement and not as a total semester hour amount. As a result, students who are working toward a degree may apply course work in German certification as credit toward other programs such as a minor, general education requirements or their major. Students are encouraged to inform their major advisor that they are working toward certification in German for help in coordinating their overall academic curriculum.

Further Information

Students are encouraged to hold a personal conference with a departmental advisor before applying to the certificate program. Please check the program description on the Department of Modern Languages Web site or phone 303-556-4893.


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