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2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog 
2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

French BA

The French program offers courses in advanced language, linguistics, literature, civilization, culture and business, all taught exclusively in French. A minor is also offered. All French majors are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program. Please see your French department advisor for information about opportunities to include study abroad as part of your major.

Admission and Grade Requirements

To be admitted to major status in French, students must have an overall GPA of C+ (2.3). The minimum grade acceptable in any French course applied to a French major is C (2.0). The grade point average in all courses applied to a French major at UC Denver must be 2.5. No courses taken on a pass/fail basis may be credited toward a French major. Upon declaring a major in French, each student will be assigned to a faculty advisor with whom the student should consult at least once per semester thereafter. It is especially important that students have their transcripts reviewed by their advisor before enrolling in their final 30 credit hours at UC Denver. Failure to do so may result in delay of graduation. Students presenting four years of high school French (Level IV) for admission to UC Denver must see a French advisor before enrolling in courses for the major. Students with Advanced Placement credits from high school must see a French advisor about course equivalencies. The Department of Modern Languages does not accept CLEP credits.

Honors in French

Qualified majors will automatically graduate with regular honors in French. Faculty occasionally nominate students for extra course work leading to higher levels of honors in French. For information, consult the French advisor in the Department of Modern Languages.

Outcomes Assessment

During their final semester in the language, French major students participate in an oral proficiency interview and take a written outcomes assessment exam to measure their level of proficiency and mastery of key concepts.

Residency Requirement

All students majoring in French must complete 30 semester hours of upper-division French courses (courses numbered 3000 and above). A minimum of 18 of those semester hours must be taken from the faculty in French at the Downtown Campus. Courses taken at other institutions while a student is enrolled at UC Denver may be applied to the major only with departmental approval before enrollment in those courses.  Students studying French for the professions must also take courses in other areas. Requirements for both tracks are outlined below.

Course Requirements for the Major

Track A: Language, Literature and Culture

Students wishing to improve their linguistic skills as well as their knowledge of Francophone literature and culture may choose this track.

Total: 12 Hours


     Three courses at the 4000 level: 9 semester hours

     Three electives at 3000 or 4000 level: 9 semester hours

     Note: students must take at least one literature course and at least one culture or civilization course.

Total: 18 Hours

Track A Major Total: 30 Hours



Track B: International Language and Culture for the Professions

This option in the French major offers career possibilities, both in government and private industry, at home and abroad. Languages are useful in business, industry, commerce, civil service, law, library science, media, science, economics, health and social sciences. Students who follow this course of study could also qualify as teachers of general business subjects in bilingual as well as traditional school systems. Students interested in this track should contact the French advisor in the Department of Modern Languages as early as possible in their academic career, but not later than the second semester of the sophomore year.


(these courses do not count toward the major total of 48 hours)

Total: 27 Hours

French Electives

Choose two (at least one at 4000 level) from:

Total: 6 Hours

Business Courses

(please be aware of prerequisites in business course descriptions)

Total: 15 Hours


     Official proficiency exam (Paris Chamber of Commerce)


Track B Major Total: 48 Hours

Secondary Foreign Language Teacher Licensure Program

With this option, students complete a major in French along with additional course work required for certification to teach French in the public schools. This program should be chosen early in the students’ careers. For information, consult the CLAS Advising Office Web site (phone 303-556-2555 or visit North Classroom, 4002) and the French advisor.



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