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2010-2011 Denver Campus Catalog 
2010-2011 Denver Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chair: Candice Shelby
Program Assistant: Agnes Romero
Office: Plaza Building, M108
Telephone: 303-556-4868
Fax: 303-556-8100
Web site: clas.ucdenver.edu/philosophy/

Undergraduate Program
Graduate Program



Associate Professors:  
David Hildebrand, PhD, University of Texas at Austin  
Robert Metcalf, PhD, Pennsylvania State University  
Candice Shelby, PhD, Rice University  
Mark Tanzer, PhD, Stony Brook University  
Assistant Professors:  
Chad M. Kautzer, PhD, Stony Brook University  
Gabriel Zamosc-Regueros, PhD, University of Michigan  
Senior Instructors:  
Myra Bookman, PhD, University of Colorado  
Sharon Coggan, PhD, Syracuse University  
Daryl Mehring, PhD, University of Colorado  
Samuel F. Walker, PhD, University of Colorado  
Brian Lisle, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago  
Barbara Goodrich, William Simpson, Maria L. Talero  


The philosophy program is recommended to students whose goal is a liberal arts education in the finest sense. Philosophy is concerned with the transmission and evaluation of basic beliefs and values. It is not an easy field of study, but for more than 25 centuries philosophy has been judged most rewarding by those who seek self-development, intellectual sophistication and the happiness of a reflective life.

Philosophy is an excellent undergraduate preparation for almost any professional field.






Requirements for honors are the following:

A. Course Performance 
1. Cum laude 3.4 GPA within the major 3.3 overall GPA
2. Magna cum laude 3.6 GPA within the major 3.5 overall GPA
3. Summa cum laude 3.8 GPA within the major 3.7 overall GPA
B. Thesis  

Majors desiring to graduate with honors in philosophy must enroll in PHIL 4950 for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 6 hours (note that these hours are in addition to the 36 hours required for the philosophy major) and complete research that culminates in a thesis and oral examination. Majors must work with two faculty members during the project. Written proposals must be submitted and approved by the faculty committee prior to the beginning of the project. If the completed thesis and oral exam are deemed worthy of honors, the student will be awarded the honors consistent with his or her GPA. However, to receive highest honors (summa cum laude), the faculty committee must designate the performance for both the written thesis and the oral defense as worthy of graduation with highest honors. If the faculty committee makes no such designation, students will graduate magna cum laude.






Graduate-level courses offered at the Downtown Campus may be applied to University of Colorado-Boulder graduate degrees in philosophy or toward the Master of Humanities  and Master of Social Science  degree programs at UC Denver. Contact these programs for degree requirements and applicability limitations of UC Denver course work.



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