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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geography and Environmental Sciences

Chair: Deborah S.K. Thomas, PhD
Program Assistant: Sue Eddleman
Office: North Classroom, 3014
Telephone: 303-315-7525
Fax: 303-315-7526


Anne Chin, PhD, Arizona State University

Pamela Jansma, PhD, Northwestern University (CLAS Dean)
Deborah S.K. Thomas, PhD, University of South Carolina

Professors Emeritus:
Wesley E. LeMasurier, PhD, Stanford University
Martin Lockley, PhD, University of Birmingham, England

Associate Professors:
Peter Anthamatten, PhD, University of Minnesota
Frederick B. Chambers, PhD, Arizona State University
Rafael Moreno-Sanchez, PhD, Colorado State University
Brian Page, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Gregory Simon, PhD, University of Washington
Bryan S. Wee, PhD, Purdue University
John W. Wyckoff, PhD, University of Utah

Associate Professors- Clinical Teaching Track:
Rudi Hartmann, PhD, Technical University of Munich

Assistant Professors:
Christy Briles, PhD, University of Oregon

Senior Instructors:
Amanda Weaver, PhD, University of Denver
Daniel Liptzin, PhD, University of Colorado Denver

Matthew Cross, MA, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Richard Ashmore
Kirsten Christensen
Tim Connors
Richard DeGrandchamp
James Fleming
Jeanne Mayne
Eric Ross

Undergraduate Information

Geography is a science that focuses on the spatial analysis of human/physical patterns and processes. Geographers attempt to identify the factors affecting the distribution of people and their activities on the surface of the earth and to provide meaningful solutions to problems faced by societies. This discipline is an ideal major for the liberal arts student, providing exposure to the concepts and techniques utilized in investigating the physical sciences, environmental and sustainability issues, socioeconomic problems and planning policies. The major offers 5 degree options: 1) General Geography, 2) Environmental Science, 3) Environment, Society & Sustainability, 4) Urban Studies & Planning, and 5) Environmental Science Education.

The program offers a distinctive curriculum that combines a broad and integrative scientific education with state-of-the-art training in geo-spatial analysis (e.g., computer mapping, GIS, remote sensing). The program is designed to provide the student interested in physical, social or environmental geography with the background necessary for obtaining a rewarding career in government (federal, state, local) or private industry, as well as preparing students for graduate study.

Click here  to see the requirements for a Geography Major.

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Click here  to see the requirements for a Geography Major-Environment, Society and Sustainability Option.

Click here  to see the requirements for a Geography Major-Urban Studies and Planning Option.

Click here  to see the requirements for a Geography Major-Environmental Science Education Option.



Click here  to see the requirements for an Environmental Sciences Minor.

Click here  to see the requirements for a Geography Minor.

Click here  to see the requirements for an Urban and Regional Planning Minor.



Click here  to see the requirements for a Geographic Information Science Certificate.

Click here  to see the requirements for a Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate.


Departmental Honors

Departmental honors is a privilege for students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and promise at CU Denver. The minimum criteria for honors in GES are an overall GPA of 3.3 in all courses at CU Denver (minimum of 30 semester hours for transfer students) and a GPA of 3.75 for all courses taken in the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences (regardless of the BA option that students are pursuing). A student who meets these criteria shall work with a GES faculty sponsor who agrees to guide an honors thesis. Students must successfully complete and defend an honors thesis that demonstrates independent research, written and presentation skills. Additionally, students are required to sign up for and successfully complete 3 honors thesis credits the semester that they are graduating with honors. Departmental honors will be awarded based on successful completion and defense of the honors thesis, subject to faculty sponsor and committee approval. For more information, please contact the GES undergraduate advisor and/or chair.

Graduate Information

Please go to the Graduate catalog to read about our graduate programs.