Jan 22, 2019  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Director: Bryan Wee
Office: Plaza Building, 102-D
Telephone: 303-556-5858
Email: larry.erbert@ucdenver.edu


(concurrently appointed)

Larry G. Anderson, Chemistry
Stephen Koester, Anthropology
Diana F. Tomback, Integrative Biology

Associate Professors:
Steven R. Beckman, Economics
John Brett, Anthropology
Greg Cronin, Integrative Biology
Larry Erbert, Communication
Randall P. Tagg, Physics
Deborah S. K. Thomas, Geography
John W. Wyckoff, Environmental Sciences

Assistant Professors:
Casey Allen, Geography/Environmental Sciences
Laurel Hartley, Integrative Biology
Rafael Moreno-Sanchez, Geography
Gregory Simon, Geography
Maria L. Talero, Philosophy
Bryan S. Wee, Geography

Adjoint Faculty:
Kathryn Cheever, Political Science

Questions of sustainability are currently among the most important facing humankind and are receiving tremendous attention in the media. Because issues of sustainability do not arise from single causes, nor can solutions be developed from within narrow disciplinary frameworks, a multidisciplinary perspective is not only desirable but necessary to identify and understand problems, and create, evaluate and implement solutions.

Specializations in this critical area of study include: health and the environment, sustainable ecology, environmental ethics, environmental policymaking and policy analysis, institutional behavior, community-based and participatory approaches to sustainable development and conservation, environmental justice, sustainable food production and critical consumerism. The sustainability minor offers a holistic approach to development and daily living, which demands scientific, economic, environmental and social perspectives to understand and implement actions that can inform the public, business, industry, government and service organizations on how their activities affect the environment.

Click here   to learn about the requirements for the Minor in Sustainability.