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2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog 
2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre, Film and Video Production

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Office: Administration Building, 210
Telephone: 303-352-3883
Fax: 303-556-2335


David Dynak
Associate Professors:
Laura Cuetara
Kent Homchick
Dan Koetting (Chair)
Assistant Professors:
David Liban
Jose Mercado
Hans Rosenwinkel
Nate Thompson
Craig Volk
Senior Instructor:
Carol Bloom
Janetta Turner

Department Overview

The Department of Theatre, Film and Video Production prepares students for advanced degree programs in graduate schools as well as careers in theatre and/or film, television and video, within the context of a strategically designed liberal arts education. The department offers courses in the disciplines of theatre (THTR) and film/video (FILM) through an innovative curriculum built on a shared foundation of integrative courses, as well as specialized advanced courses.

Students also have the opportunity to work directly with faculty, guest artists and fellow students in the creation of live and recorded performance works through participation in the department’s production program of plays, films, television and video projects, and through co-requisite laboratory experiences. Denver-area theatre productions, artist residencies, film screenings, lectures, concerts, exhibits and other cultural resources of the metropolitan area are regularly utilized throughout each student’s course of study.

Students wishing to earn degrees in theatre, film and television from the University of Colorado Denver may choose from three four-year program options:

BA/BFA Program Options

A detailed description of the difference between the BA and BFA degree requirements are available in the table: What’s the difference between the BA and BFA degree  ?

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Film and Television

The BA is designed for students who are interested in multiple aspects of theatre, film and television and for students who are transferring with advanced standing. The BA degree has an integrated sequence of courses in both theatre and film. After completion of the foundation sequence, students choose from either a wide range of electives or a concentration of courses in one area to complete their BA degree.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, Film and Television with Emphases in:

Direction and Production Development

*This emphasis has a stronger concentration on film and television

For a limited number of students with exceptional abilities, desire and qualifications, the department offers a rigorous and structured BFA. The BFA program goal is to provide training at a professional skill level while implementing overall departmental goals.  This program prepares students to begin their careers with entry-level positions in their areas of study, start their personal creative work or continue their studies in a graduate program.  Majors will take a series of courses in the foundation sequence. Upon successful completion of the foundation courses and the demonstration of competence and potential through the interview/audition process in their desired area of focus, students then specialize with more intensive course work and production activities in the BFA program. This intensive work culminates with a comprehensive review that requires the successful completion of a portfolio and/or thesis project for a degree.

Admission Procedures and Incoming Assessment Criteria for BFA

The first step for students is to apply to the university and be accepted into the BA program as either a theatre or film major. After their third semester and satisfactory completion of foundation sequence courses in theatre, video/television and film, qualified students are able to audition/interview for admittance into the BFA program.

Assessment for admission to the BFA program includes the following evaluations:

  • GPA. As per departmental requirements.
  • Department Interview. An interview with each student by members of the TFVP faculty is required. This interview is to ascertain that the student’s aspirations and expectations are related to those of the programs.
  • Diagnostic Exam and Essay. Students are required to take an objective exam and write an essay on material covered in the foundation sequence courses.
  • Resume. (To include theatre/film/video work experience and education to date)
  • Successful completion of first and second year foundation sequences. Foundation course work is in the following areas: performance techniques (acting, movement, voice), camera work, scriptwriting, production design, management, film and theatre history and aesthetics, directing, producing, technical theatre and film and video production work.
  • Development and successful presentation of a portfolio of the student’s work to date. Upon completion of the foundation sequence, or after transfer, faculty will review each student’s classroom, studio, and production work. Faculty will also take into consideration testing and performances and will review resumes and portfolios, conduct year-end interviews and, based upon successful achievement, formally admit qualified students as BFA majors.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are considered on a case by case basis—however, a minimum of at least one semester “residency” in the BA program is required before students can participate in an audition/interview for possible admittance into the BFA program. Admission to the BFA course work is only in the fall semester. (Successfully completing course work and passing the diagnostic exam and essay is required during the “residency” period.)

Admission Deferment

Students admitted to the BFA program may defer their admission for one year, to the fall semester of the academic year following their original admission to the program. Students who wish to defer their admission must contact the TFVP office as well as the Office of Admissions to confirm their deferment. Students must fully reapply to the TFVP department after the permitted deferment period has passed.

BFA Curriculum

Students entering in fall 2008 who desire the BFA program will enter as BA students as per above. The BFA curriculum for the following year is currently under revision. For most current information please check the TFVP Web site or contact the department office at 303-556-6352.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, Film and Television: 2+2 Program with Emphases in:

Post-Production (Editing and Special Effects)
Production and Writing and Directing (For Film and Television)

The Colorado Film School is a unique partnership between the University of Colorado Denver and the Community College of Aurora (CCA) that allows students to begin their studies at CCA and then transfer to UC Denver to complete their studies. Students transferring into UC Denver in fall 2008 who desire the BFA program will enter as BA students as per above. If accepted into the BFA program in spring 2009, the curriculum current for 2008 will apply. For most current information please check the TFVP Web site or contact the department office at 303-556-6352.

This program is nicknamed the “2+2” program, as the name denotes the typical number of years students spend at each institution. Students interested in the post-production or cinematography emphases must begin their studies at CCA.

Please Note

All students in the theatre, film and video production program are required to know and abide by the policies and procedures outlined in the TFVP Student Handbook, available online at

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