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2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog 
2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Humanities, Master of

Director: Myra Bookman
Assistant Director: Margaret Woodhull
Office: Modular #1, MO-01 (east of Tivoli Student Union)
Telephone: 303-556-2305
Fax: 303-352-3872
E-mail: masterhs@ucdenver.edu
Web site: www.cudenver.edu/ict/index.html


Senior Instructors:
Myra Bookman, PhD, University of Colorado
Margaret Woodhull, PhD, University of Texas, Austin


The master of humanities offers graduate interdisciplinary studies designed for recent university graduates or those who have graduated earlier and are now seeking intellectual enrichment, career change or preparation for a PhD or professional school. Some students are teachers or other professionals seeking additional training to expand their expertise. Many enroll in the program for the sheer satisfaction of intellectual enrichment. It is ideal for students whose professional and personal obligations require flexibility and accessibility, whether they are part-time or full-time students. Students are able to pursue their interests across disciplinary boundaries and enroll in courses from a number of departments. Students who pursue the master of humanities will take courses from disciplines traditionally included in the category of liberal arts, such as literature, philosophy, history, communication, fine arts, art history, theatre and music. But they may also include appropriate course work from the social sciences or other areas. Each student’s program is supervised by a faculty advisor.




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