ISMG 6040 - Business Process Management.

Designing effective information systems for business requires an awareness of the organization(s) business processes and how to manage and streamline them. The objectives of the course are for students to understand the importance of business processes; the main types of business processes; and the evolution of business process management; business process outsourcing; business process re-engineering; business process redesign; technology enabled business processes; and automated workflow. An important activity is graphically mapping business processes, which are transformed into an application or set of applications. The organization needs to manage the electronic workflow to monitor that the work gets done and allow changes to the workflow. Case studies of organizations are studied for most topics to enhance understanding. The group projects let students apply their knowledge of the course to a specific organization. By the end of this course students should have an appreciation of the important process-centric issues in business systems design.Semester Hours: 3When Offered: Spring
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