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2013-2014 CU Denver Catalog 
2013-2014 CU Denver Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Village Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How close to campus is Campus Village?
A. Campus Village is adjacent to campus at 318 Walnut Street.

Q. Can I use my financial aid?
A. You should review any documentation concerning grants, loans or scholarships with your parents and the financial aid office. Financial aid awards are used to pay your tuition and fees first; any remaining award(s) are then used to pay your housing charges. Students are responsible for charges not covered by financial aid and scholarships.

Q. Do I have to have a meal plan?
A. Only CU Denver first-year students are required to have a meal plan.

Q. Is parking available?
A. Yes, we offer parking on site and in an overflow lot on campus. Parking is between $80 and $90 per installment and is first-come first-serve for prime spaces.

Q.What kind of security arrangements do you have?
A.  We’ve done our best to create a safe and secure environment at Campus Village. The grounds are protected by key-card access, as is the building. The front desk is staffed 24 hours a day. There are emergency phones in each parking lot and at the gates into the courtyard. On site staff will do rounds of the property, and they’ll be equipped with cell phones to call for assistance if necessary. All of the outside doors are alarmed—if they are propped open, the alarm will sound.

CU Denver and the Auraria campus consistently rank amongst the safest campuses in Colorado. Campus Village has many systems in place to help ensure that we maintain this outstanding record of safety.
 •    24-hour staffing including a 24/7 front desk
 •    card-access doors and limited points of entry
 •    on site professional security personnel from dusk until dawn
 •    multiple evening and overnight patrols of the building and grounds
 •    emergency phones on and adjacent to the property
 •    text-messaging alerts for Campus Village students
 •    exterior doors are alarmed to prevent propping
 •    “Night Rider” shuttle service
 •    educational workshops and programs focused on safety

Q. Can I request an apartment or roommates?
A. Yes, but a request does not guarantee a roommate or an apartment. We do our best to match roommates, but their contracts must be the same along with other requests (themed living, etc.) You may request a roommate and apartment when you fill out your lease.

Q.  What if my roommate leaves partway through the year? Will I be responsible for his/her share of the rent?
A. No, you won’t. You’re responsible only for the rent for your bed, whether you’re in a studio or a four-bedroom unit. If one of your roommates bail, you’re not on the hook for his/her rent.

Q.  What utilities are included in my rent?
A. Rent includes a fully furnished apartment, high-speed Internet service, cable television, electricity, water, sewage and trash.

Q.  What size are the beds?
A.  The beds are extra-long twin size in the two-bedroom, two bathroom, double-occupancy apartments/suites. All other apartments/suites have an 80-inch full-/double-sized bed.

Q.  What do I need to hook up my computer to the Internet?
A.  We provide Internet connections in each apartment for the residents. All you need to provide is an ethernet cord.

Q.  What is the deadline for applying for a lease?
A.  There is no deadline for submitting applications. However, contracts are signed on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is better to send in a contract sooner rather than later. The priority deadline for CU Denver first-year students is May 15.

Q. Do you have any rules about smoking?
A. Campus Village is a nonsmoking facility, including the outside courtyards. You can smoke outside but it’s not permitted within the facility.

Q. I’m married. Can my spouse and I share a studio unit?
A. Campus Village is geared more toward singles; it’s not set up as married student or couples housing. The rule is, “one head per bed”—so a married couple cannot rent a studio at Campus Village. You can, however, rent a two bedroom unit.

Q.  Will the building be closed during semester breaks, spring break or summer vacation?
A. Campus Village is open year-round to residents—depending on the timeframe of your lease agreement. The cafe and convenience store will also be open year-round.

Q. Do you allow pets?
A. Pets are not allowed at Campus Village.

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