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2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog 
2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

At A Glance: UC Denver

Locations Schools and Colleges
Downtown Campus (Auraria)  
Anschutz Medical Campus (Aurora) Downtown Campus
  College of Architecture and Planning
Total Enrollment College of Arts & Media
30,000 students served via on-site Business School
  and off-site courses‡ School of Education & Human
16,165 students enrolled in fall 2008*   Development
56% undergraduate College of Engineering and
35% graduate   Applied Science
10% first professional College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
64% full time School of Public Affairs
8% out-of-state residents  
4% international students Anschutz Medical Campus
  School of Dental Medicine
Degrees School of Medicine
Bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, College of Nursing
  first-professional School of Pharmacy
  Colorado School of Public Health
Programs Graduate School
119 degree programs  
  Research Funding
  More than $363.00 million in
    sponsored research
  89,802 (72% live in Colorado)
Downtown Campus Attributes Anschutz Medical Campus Attributes  
Enrollment Enrollment  
13,166* 2,999*  
8,571 Undergraduate* Undergraduate: 435*  
   (46% male, 54% female)     (9% male, 91% female)  
4,595 Graduate* Graduate: 1,018*  
  (44% male, 56% female)   (28% male, 72% female)  
  First Professional: 1,546  
Student-Faculty Ratio   (43% male, 57% female)  
15:1‡ Diverse Population  
      18% ethnic minority  
Freshmen: 1106 Average Age  
Transfers: 1201 Undergraduate: 30  
Graduate Students: 900 Graduate: 32   
      First Professional: 27   
Diverse Population        
24% ethnic minority Bragging Rights  
  Undergraduate: 29% U.S. News & World Report,  
  Graduate: 13%   America’s Best Graduate Schools, 2009  
Average age: 27   (If otherwise noted, it is the most recent  
  Undergraduate: 23    year ranked)   
  Graduate: 32 Health Disciplines  
    Clinical nurse specialist,    
Student Body     adult/medical-surgical—6    
From 50 states and 128 countries‡   Nurse-midwifery (2007)—12    
        Nurse practitioner:
Bragging Rights     adult—8  
U.S.News & World Report     family—5
America’s Best Graduate Schools, 2009     pediatric—3  
  School of Public Affairs,   Nursing, MS (2007)—15  
    Top Schools #32   Pharmacy, PharmD (2008)—23
        Physician Assistant, MS, PhD (2007)—8  
The Princeton Review, 2008        
America’s Best Value Colleges Schools of Medicine  
  Best Western Colleges,   Primary care—4  
    Best in the West   Research—27  
Modern Healthcare, 2007     Family medicine—6  
  Top Business Graduate Schools for     Pediatrics—11  
    Physician-Executives #5     AIDS—18  
Additional bragging rights for schools and Public Affairs (School of )—32  
  colleges on this campus are printed in        
  their chapters of this catalog. The Sciences  
        Biological sciences: Graduate School,  
        AMC (2007)—48  
Additional bragging rights for schools and
        colleges on this campus are printed in the  
        Health Professions chapter  .  

*Fall 2008 end-of-term               ‡Fiscal Year 2007-2008 data