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2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog 
2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Life


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At A Glance: Downtown Denver and Auraria  

The University of Colorado Denver Downtown Campus is physically located on the 136-acre Auraria Campus, which is shared with two other institutions—Metropolitan State College of Denver and Community College of Denver. Because we share facilities, our students have access to the level of resources found at much larger public universities. Since fall 2006, the university has also been able to offer student housing adjacent to this traditionally commuter campus. Details about the campus and Campus Village are explained in this chapter.

Auraria Campus


Since opening in 1976, Auraria has become the largest campus in Colorado, enrolling approximately 43,000 students—20 percent of all the students in public higher education in the state. This is the most efficiently utilized campus in the state. Classrooms on the Auraria Campus are used an average of 50+ hours per week. Classes are held from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some courses and programs are offered cooperatively by the Auraria educational institutions. Those pertaining to UC Denver students are outlined in this catalog.

The Auraria Campus offers numerous amenities to students, faculty and staff, from the largest bookstore in the Rocky Mountain region to a state-of-the-art fitness facility. Details of these amenities are outlined in this chapter.

In addition to its proximity to the thriving business and industry of downtown Denver, the Auraria Campus has a distinct historic flavor. The Tivoli Student Union is housed in a renovated brewery originally built in the 1860s. Historic Ninth Street Park, St. Cajetan’s Church/Performing Arts Center, St. Elizabeth’s Church, the Emmanuel-Sherith Chapel/Synagogue/Art Gallery and the Golda Meir Museum are also located on campus.

Auraria Higher Education Center

The Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) is the administrative body that coordinates the facilities, services and activities for the three educational institutions on campus. AHEC provides common services for the campus including: classroom scheduling, facilities management and construction, campus police, telecommunications infrastructure, student union, media services, book store, early learning center, parking and transportation, mail services and facilities master planning. Visit their Web site, www.ahec.edu, for additional information.

Campus Amenities


Auraria Campus Bookstore

Location: Tivoli Student Union, 900 Auraria Parkway
Hours: Mon.–Thurs., 8 a.m.–6 p.m.; Fri. 8 a.m.–5 p.m.; Sat. 10 a.m.–3 p.m.; call during vacation and interim periods
Telephone: 303-556-4286
Web site: www.aurariabooks.com

The Auraria Campus Bookstore, a department of Student & Auxiliary Services—your campus store—is located in the historic Tivoli Student Union. The bookstore provides textbooks for the Auraria schools, plus a complete general book department that is especially strong in technical and reference areas. Best sellers, new releases and gift book selections change frequently and are often accompanied by displays of special value books on many subjects.

Students need to bring course printouts to locate textbooks. Books are located by school; subjects are arranged alphabetically—departmental abbreviations, with course and section numbers—and prices are printed on the shelf tag below. Each title has the designation of Required, Preferred, Optional or Available. You can also buy books online at www.aurariabooks.com.

The Auraria Campus Bookstore carries more used textbooks than any other bookstore in Colorado, but shop early as used books are the first to go. A full refund is given for new and used books accompanied by the receipt and returned within the first two weeks of class for regular semesters and two days from the first day of class for short terms.

Please read the refund policy on the back of the receipt.

When a course ends, the textbook may still have value and may be bought back by the bookstore. The buy-back policy on used texts is to pay half of the new price on books that will be used again next semester on this campus. Other texts are purchased at lower percentages. The Auraria Campus Bookstore’s buy-back services are dedicated to its student customers. A validated Auraria student ID is required to complete a buy-back transaction. Books are bought for this campus throughout the semester; however, buyers from national textbook companies are on hand at the end of each semester to purchase used books that may be required at other schools.

Campus Computers, 303-556-3726, offers the latest in hardware and software technology. An educational discount is offered to Auraria Campus students; a current, validated Auraria ID must be presented at the time of purchase. A full line of computer reference books and accessories is also available, as well as calculators and other small electronics. Campus Computers’ is located on the second floor of the Auraria Campus Bookstore.

A current photo ID is required for purchases paid for by check. The bookstore also accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.

The Auraria Campus Bookstore is owned by the State of Colorado and supports the Student Bond Fund.

Auraria Early Learning Center (Child Care Center)

Location: West Colfax and Ninth Street Park
Hours: Mon.–Fri. 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
Telephone: 303-556-3188
Web site: www.tivoli.org/earlylearning

The Auraria Early Learning Center serves the child care needs of Auraria’s students, staff and faculty by providing high-quality early childhood education and care programs. The Auraria Early Learning Center is located on the southwest corner of the campus. Its programs are consistently recognized by the educational community for their high-quality early childhood care and education. Developmentally appropriate practices for young children guide the educational programs that are provided. Curriculum planning is flexible and based on children’s interests.

Supervising teachers in the Auraria Early Learning Center are all degreed teachers meeting the certification guidelines of the State of Colorado and of the National Academy of Early Childhood programs. Children aged 12 months to 5 years are served at the center. The center also has a fully accredited kindergarten program.

Auraria Event Center/Student Recreation Center

Location: 1255 Tenth Street Mall
Telephone: 303-352-4371 (fitness center); 303-556-3210 (recreation); 303-556-2755 (events)
Web site: www.mscd.edu/~cra

The Auraria Campus PE/Event Center is a 2,800-seat facility for team and individual sport activities, academic programs, events and conferences. Funds from student recreation fees support the use by students of the many health and recreation facilities found within the building. Adjacent to the building are softball fields, tennis courts and a track.

Auraria Library

University Librarian/Director: Mary Somerville
Associate University Librarians/Directors: Meg Brown-Sica, R. Ellen Greenblatt, Cynthia Hashert, Denise Pan
Office: 1100 Lawrence Street
Telephone: Main Line 303-556-2740
                   Reference 303-556-2585
Web site: http://library.auraria.edu

Associate Professors: Ellen Greenblatt, MA, University of Denver; Mary M. Somerville, MLS, PhD
Assistant Professors: Jeffrey Beall, MLS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Meg Brown-Sica, MA, University of South Florida; Ignacio Ferrer-Vinent; Nina McHale; Denise Pan, MLS, San Jose State; Karen Sobel, MLS, University of North Carolina
Senior Instructors: Orlando Archibeque, MA, University of Denver; Thomas J. Beck, MLS, Emporia State University; Gayle Bradbeer, MLS, Emporia State University; Lorraine Evans, MLS, University of Maryland; Vera Gao, MLS, University of South Carolina; Cynthia Hashert, MLS, North Texas State University; Elaine Jurries, MA, University of Minnesota; Nikki McCaslin, MA, University of Denver; Ellen Metter, MS, Drexel University; Marit S. Taylor, MLS, Vanderbilt University; Linda Tietjen, MA, University of Denver; Louise Treff-Gangler, MA, University of Denver; Diane Turner, MLS, University of Pittsburgh; Judith Valdez, MLS, Emporia State University
Instructors: Eric Baker, MLS, Indiana University at Bloomington; Rosemary Evetts, MLS, Indiana University

Library Services

Access to information is essential to academic success. The Auraria Library, located at the center of the campus, provides a wide range of learning resources and services to support academic programs. The library is administered by the University of Colorado Denver.

The Collection

The Auraria Library has a collection of approximately 1 million volumes. In addition to a strong, up-to-date book collection, the library also has more than 3,200 journal and newspaper subscriptions, access to more than 5,000 electronic journals and a film/videotape collection. The library is a selective depository for U.S. Government publications and a depository for Colorado state documents, with a collection of more than 450,000 documents. The Auraria Library’s collection is supplemented by providing access to other libraries within the state and nationally through interlibrary loan services.

Auraria Library Electronic Resources

Auraria Library provides on- and off-campus access to a wide variety of electronic resources available through the library’s home page: http://library.auraria.edu. Available resources include:

Skyline: Auraria Library’s online catalog provides access to books, journal holdings, media and government publications owned by the library. Reserve materials for courses are also listed.

Prospector Global Catalog: Auraria patrons can expand their searches for materials with Prospector, a catalog of 23 Colorado libraries. Prospector has 20 million holdings including public and academic libraries. You may request items that are checked out or missing from Skyline and if the Prospector item you need is checked out, you may place a hold. Materials are requested online and delivered to the Auraria Library circulation desk within two to four days. Items are checked out for three weeks with one renewal. Try this popular service by clicking on the “Search Prospector” tab in a Skyline catalog search or directly at prospector.coalliance.org.

Article databases: More than 300 databases provide access to full text articles and journal citations in a variety of fields. Available on-campus to everyone and off-campus to current students, faculty and staff.

Reference resources: Dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs and numerous other reference resources.

Web resources: Internet resources in all fields that have been selected and evaluated by librarians.

Auraria Library information: Instruction guides, subject guides, instructions for off-campus access, hours, policies and other library information.

Circulation Services

Library materials are checked out from the circulation desk with a current Auraria ID or current Colorado picture ID. Undergraduate students may check out books for 28 days and graduate students for 60 days. An Auraria student can check out up to 75 items from the general collection. Items can be renewed three times if not requested by another borrower online using Skyline’s View Your Own Record, in person or by phone, 303-556-2639. Other services include patron-placed holds in Skyline for checked-out items and e-mail circulation notices that allow for e-mail renewals.

Reference/Instruction Services

The Auraria Library reference department strives to provide excellent service in assisting students and faculty with their research needs. The reference desk is staffed during most hours the library is open, and has librarians and staff trained in all subject areas in order to assist students with online and print sources of information. Contact the reference desk at 303-556-2585.

Government Publications

Most United States and Colorado government publications are in a separate location in the library and are available all hours the library is open. Specialized assistance is available during weekday hours and at the reference desk evenings and weekends. Call 303-556-8372 for information and hours.

Information Delivery/Interlibrary Loan

Auraria Library participates in a worldwide electronic borrowing and lending network with other libraries. This service enables all Auraria Campus students, faculty and staff to obtain materials not available at the Auraria Library. Requests from registered users can be initiated electronically through the Auraria Library’s Web page using ILLiad. This department also loans material to institutions throughout Colorado and around the world. Access to materials from other Colorado libraries is available via Prospector. Contact the information delivery/interlibrary loan office at 303-556-8198.

Library Instruction

The library is committed to providing information skills through its instruction program. The program is varied, ranging from basic, introductory-level material to advanced research methodology for graduate students. Information on other electronic resources is an important component of the library instruction program. For more information about the library’s instructional offerings, contact the library instruction office at 303-556-3683.

Reserves/Audio, Video and Media

The reserves/audio, video and media department is located in the northwest corner of the first floor and provides special short-term circulation of books, pamphlets, articles, videos, CDs and other materials needed for class instruction. The Auraria Library is pleased to offer an electronic reserve option to our faculty. Electronic reserve allows access to digitized reserve materials online 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer with an Internet connection. Materials processed through the electronic reserve system are password protected and made available only to students enrolled in the courses. Unlike traditional print reserves, more than one student may access the material at a time. For more information about the reserves/audio, video and media department, see our Web site at http://library.auraria.edu/aboutus/whoweare/reserves.html or call 303-352-3847.

The loan periods for reserved items are short, and overdue follow-up is prompt so that the maximum number of students may have access to the materials. These materials include not only titles owned by the library, but personal copies made available by the faculty. Reserve materials may be checked out for two hours, one day or three days, with the exception of media items, which may be checked out for two weeks. The length of the check-out is determined by the professor. Materials will be checked out with either a student ID or valid Colorado picture ID.

Archives and Special Collections

The archives and special collections department of the Auraria Library acts as the archival repository for materials produced by the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver, Community College of Denver and the Auraria Higher Education Center. These materials include documents such as college catalogs, student newspapers, budgets and fact books. Manuscript collections at the Auraria Library focus on public policy issues and public affairs. Examples of manuscript holdings include the records from organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, the National Municipal League and the American Association of University Women of Colorado.

The library’s special collections area contains books on many different subjects, including Colorado and Denver history, theses and dissertations from the Downtown Campus, science fiction, rhetoric and juvenile literature. For information and hours, call 303-556-8373.

Computer Commons

The Computer Commons, located in the northeast corner of the Auraria Library, consists of 63 computers that are available only for Auraria Campus students, faculty and staff. Each computer is equipped with Internet access and Microsoft Office applications. Printing is available by using the pay-for-print Go-Print system. The Computer Commons is open whenever the library is open. For more information or to contact the Computer Commons call 303-556-6159.

Services for Persons with Disabilities

The library is committed to making its resources and services available to all students. Library services to assist persons with disabilities include orientation to the physical layout of the library, assistance with the retrieval of materials as well as use of the online public access catalog, periodicals and indexes.

Adaptive computer equipment and software for public access have been installed in the reference area. The Access Center for Adaptive Technology is available for students who have been referred by their school’s disability office. For information, contact Greg Sullivan, director, at 303-556-8387 or sullivag@mscd.edu.

Additional Facilities

Photocopiers, microform reader/printers, a copy center, pay phones and study rooms are all available at the library. Our homepage has a link to reserving study rooms online.

Friends of Auraria Library

The Friends of Auraria Library is an association formed in 1976 to promote the development of Auraria Library as a center for learning, study and research for the students and faculty of the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver and the Community College of Denver. The Friends of Auraria Library’s ongoing objectives are:

  1. To promote awareness of and good will toward Auraria Library on the campus, in the metropolitan area and in the region; and
  2. To increase library resources through contributions, solicitations, grants, bequests and gifts of books and other appropriate materials.

For more information about the Friends of Auraria Library, call 303-556-6381.

Auraria Media Center and Classroom Support Services

Location: 1100 Lawrence Street (Auraria Library), 015
Telephone: 303-556-2426
Web site: http://mediacenter.ahec.edu

The Auraria Media Center and Classroom Support Services offers a full range of media services and classroom support:

  • distance learning technologies including video conferencing, webinars, audio conferencing, video over IP and ISDN and videotaping of course delivery
  • circulation of a wide range of audio, video and data (AVD) presentation equipment for one-time use
  • long-term classroom equipment check-out
  • production of content on digital tape, DVD, CD and videotape by an award-winning staff using state-of-the-art digital editing, graphics and animation systems
  • quantity duplication of DVD, CD, audio and videotape media
  • equipment maintenance and repair
  • equipment/systems consultation and installation

The Auraria Media Center’s 34-channel closed-circuit campus cable system can be used in the classroom to broadcast channels such as CNN, MSNBC, History, Discovery, A&E, PBS, CSPAN, NASA and local television networks. One channel is dedicated to and managed by each institution for distribution of programming of their choice.

Auraria Media Center staff are available to train faculty in the use of equipment in “smart” classrooms on campus and offer consulting services to faculty and other clients in such areas as media design and production, effective use of media types and effective use of distance learning technologies, effective use of those technologies and equipment selection to best meet instructional needs.

Auraria Media Center and Classroom Support Services will handle all of your classroom needs regarding furinture, projector screens, whiteboards, smart classroom equipment and ADA furniture placement.

Clicks! Copy and Printing Services

Tivoli Student Union, 211, 303-556-3702
North Classroom, 1811, 303-556-2291
South Classroom, 119A, 303-556-2679
Auraria Library, 303-556-2751

Hours: Vary by location

Clicks! is an on-campus copying, printing and graphic design department. Four full-service copy centers around campus provide high-speed copying, color copies, laminating, binding and school supplies. Services vary by location.

Emmanuel Gallery

Curator: Shannon K. Corrigan
Location: 1205 Tenth Street Mall
Hours: Tues.–Fri. 10 a.m.–6 p.m.; Sat. 11 a.m.–5 p.m.
Telephone: 303-556-8337
Web site: www.emmanuelgallery.org

Emmanuel Gallery is a tri-institutional, nonprofit art facility committed to enhancing the understanding of the visual arts. Through the presentation of high-quality art exhibits, lectures and events our purpose is to encourage critical thinking, creative research and training in gallery practices. Programs at Emmanuel Gallery promote excellence, education and enrichment to the diverse cultural community of the Auraria Campus and the Denver metropolitan area. 

Health Center of Auraria

Location: Plaza Building, 150 (lower level)
Hours: Vary (see below)
Telephone: 303-556-2525
Web site: www.mscd.edu/student/resources/health

All Downtown Campus students are entitled to medical services at the Health Center at Auraria and student health insurance is NOT required to use this facility. The health center is approved to provide emergency triage care to persons covered by Medicare and/or Medicaid. Other medical conditions will be referred to approved Medicare/Medicaid providers. Physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, radiological technologists and medical assistants staff the facility. Students will be asked to complete a sign-in sheet and show a current semester ID card each time they check in.

Services include:

  • treatment of illness and injuries
  • lab testing
  • medications
  • physicals
  • annual GYN exams
  • sexually transmitted disease information/testing
  • birth control information/services
  • minor surgery
  • cholesterol screening
  • immunizations
  • HIV testing
  • blood pressure checks
  • casting
  • suturing
  • X-ray

All services listed above are low cost. Payment is required at time of service, except for students who participate in the student health insurance program. Classes regarding health-related topics are taught each semester and are offered free to all students.

Scheduled and walk-in appointments are available. Walk-in services begin at 8 a.m., Monday–Friday. Access is on a first-come, first-served basis. Walk-in varies daily, contingent upon when all patient slots have been filled; thus, the daily closure time for walk-in care is variable. Patients are encouraged to check in as early as possible. Brochures with additional information are available at the health center.

King Academic and Performing Arts Center

Location: 855 Lawrence Way
Telephone: 303-556-2179
Web site: www.ahec.edu/kingcenter

The King Center houses six performing spaces: three permanently assigned production studios, a 197-seat recital hall; 520-seat concert hall; and the 168-297 seat (depending on stage configuration) Eugenia Rawls Courtyard Theatre. There are dressing rooms, green room, recording studio, lighting lab, music electronics lab, classroom space, box office, scene shop, paint shop and costume shop. All spaces are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of spaces for exhibiting fine art. The entire facility has more than 180,000 square feet dedicated to the education of the student and development of the student who wishes to study performance/arts. The center can support many forms of entertainment, anywhere from legit theatre to large choral ensembles and other forms of performances.

Tivoli Student Union

Location: 900 Auraria Parkway (Ninth and Auraria Parkway)
Telephone: 303-556-6330
Web site: www.tivoli.org/tivoli/

The Tivoli Student Union, managed by Student and Auxiliary Services, provides a wide variety of services for the Auraria community. The student union houses student government and student life offices, two credit unions and tri-institutional services such as the GLBT student services.

If you want a break or a quiet place to study, the Tivoli Student Union is just the place. With a food court, coffeehouse, deli and convenience store, you’ll find a place to suit your appetite, schedule and budget. If you’d rather retreat than eat, you can watch TV in the Roger Braun Student Lounge, play a game of pool at Sigi’s Pool Hall and Arcade, meet a study group in the multicultural lounge or study in total silence in the Garage Quiet Study Lounge.

Additional student services at the Tivoli Student Union include the Auraria Campus Bookstore, the Club Hub, Click’s Copy Center, event services and the ID program and Commuter Resource Center.

Club Hub
Suite 346, 303-556-8094

This uniquely designed club space on the third floor of the Tivoli features work space for more than 60 clubs, mailboxes for campus clubs, a limited number of lockers, club bulletin boards and a lounge area for group meetings. This office works closely with the Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board (SACAB) and the student activities/life offices.

Auraria Campus Event Services
Suite 325, 303-556-2755

Through the event services office, meeting and conference space at the Tivoli Event Center, St. Francis and St. Cajetan’s can be reserved for nonacademic purposes, including meetings, weddings and receptions. Conference Services has three caterers to choose from for all off-campus catering needs.

ID Program/Commuter and Housing Services
Suite 269, 303-556-8385

Auraria staff, faculty and students come here to get their ID cards, which are necessary for parking in some campus lots and for checking out library books. Student IDs also serve as an RTD bus pass and light rail with a semester validation sticker. The center provides off-campus housing resources, RTD bus information, campus and Tivoli information, lost and found and a microwave oven.

Sigi’s Pool Hall and Arcade
Suite 145, 303-556-3645

Sigi’s, named after Tivoli Brewery founder Moritz Sigi, houses 15 video game machines and six billiard tables. Sigi’s is open to the entire Auraria Campus population as well as the public. The student-friendly atmosphere encourages community socialization and relaxation.


Student Housing


University Policy and Support: Tivoli Student Union, 260
Telephone: 303-556-3682
E-mail: housing@ucdenver.edu
Web site: www.ucdenver.edu/life/Pages/Housing.aspx


Leasing and Payment Options: Campus Village Aparments
318 Walnut Street
Telephone: 303-573-5272
E-mail: mgrdenver@edrtrust.com
Web site: www.campusvillageliving.com

Opened in fall 2006, Campus Village is located directly adjacent to the Auraria Campus, within easy walking distance of campus and the downtown area. Campus Village houses 685 Auraria Campus students in apartment-style accommodations and provides students with programs and resources to help foster their academic and social success. At Campus Village, housing is exclusively for students.

By focusing on the total student experience, life at Campus Village at Auraria reinforces the student’s educational goals, as well as UC Denver’s commitment to community service and development. Through cultural and development programs coordinated by Campus Village staff, residents can participate in a wide variety of activities, including nutrition and fitness seminars, community outreach programs and classes on career planning, time management, study skills and more.

Starting this fall, all Campus Village housing and dining fees will be billed to your UC Denver student account. If you receive financial aid, your award(s) will be credited directly to your student account. Financial aid awards are used to pay your tuition and fees first; any remaining award(s) are then used to pay your housing charges. You are responsible for any and all charges not covered by financial aid and scholarships.

Campus Village Frequently Asked Questions 


At Campus Village at Auraria, students will find a community to support their academic and personal interests. It’s convenient, comfortable and affordable. Features include:

  • apartment-style living with kitchenettes or full kitchens for all students
  • lease rates that include heating, cooling, electricity, water, cable and high-speed Internet service
  • a variety of floor plans (from individual studios to four bedroom apartments) to meet the needs of all students
  • individual lease agreements for shared units
  • fully furnished apartments
  • various affordable meal plans

Diagrams of floor plans, details about meal plans, pricing, applications and exception forms are available on the Web site at www.ucdenver.edu/life/Pages/Housing.aspx.

Live-In Requirement for First-Year Students

In an effort to improve the quality of the undergraduate experience, the Downtown Campus has a live-in requirement for first-time freshmen and first-time international students (undergraduate and graduate). For more information regarding this policy and the applicable exemptions, please see the “Exemptions” section below.

Research has shown that living in student housing during the first year has numerous benefits for students both academically and socially. Student-housing participants tend to have:

  • higher graduation rates than students who live off campus
  • a higher level of satisfaction with their college experience
  • a higher level of involvement in clubs and activities on campus
  • more frequent interaction with faculty members and peers

First-time freshmen at UC Denver are required to live in the two-bedroom, two-bath units with an efficiency kitchen. These units comprise an entire wing of the project and are designed with the unique needs of first-year students in mind.

  • Additional staff—this wing of the complex will have a higher ratio of staff to students to help provide additional support, guidance and resources for first-time students.
  • Special programming—many of the programming efforts sponsored by the university will be taking place in this wing of Campus Village. Programs will focus on study skills, navigating the university and community, living with a roommate and a variety of other topics.
  • Connections with other first-year students—first-year students share many of the same challenges and anxieties as they begin their college careers. Living in a community of students going through the same types of experiences provides a built-in support network and can lead to lasting friendships.
  • First-year students participating in the University Honors and Leadership Program (UHL) or the Denver Bound Program will also have the opportunity to be part a unique living and learning community housed in specific area of the building beginning in fall 2009.


First-time freshmen students wishing to live with parent(s) or legal guardian(s) or who qualify under at least one of the exemptions listed below must submit the special exemption form to be considered for exception from the live-in policy.

Exemptions to the first-time freshmen live-in requirement will be considered for those who are:

  • living at home with parent(s) or legal guardian(s) for the 2009-2010 academic year
  • veterans of the armed forces
  • married or a parent with dependent(s)
  • a part-time undergraduate student enrolled for less than 10 semester hours per semester
  • deemed medically excusable by the Office of Student Housing (must be supported in writing by a doctor and with appropriate medical documentation)
  • over 21 years of age

Exemptions to this policy will be evaluated and made on a case-by case basis. Exemption forms are available through the Office of Student Housing, Tivoli Student Union, 260, or online at www.ucdenver.edu/life/Pages/Housing.aspx. For further information, please call the Office of Student Life at 303-556-3682 or via e-mail at housing@ucdenver.edu.


Campus Safety


The University of Colorado Denver places a priority on the safety and security of its faculty, staff, students and visitors. Please visit the University Policies  chapter of this catalog for additional information related to campus safety.

Emergency Notification System

The Emergency Notification System allows students, faculty and staff to register to receive alerts about threats of imminent danger at or near any UC Denver location. This service is used in conjunction with other communication channels including: public address systems, broadcast e-mail and voice-mail messages to campus telephone extensions, electronic signage, a coordinated use of public media outlets and 24-hour recorded emergency and information hotlines (Downtown/Auraria Campus 303-556-2401; Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora 303-724-4636). Participants can receive various notifications including text messaging, e-mail and phone calls. Visit the UC Denver Web site for details, www.ucdenver.edu.

Auraria Campus Police Department

Office: Administration Building, Suite 110
Telephone: 303-556-5000 (Police Dispatch)
Emergency: 911 from a campus phone or 303-556-5000
Web site: www.ahec.edu/acpd.htm

On the Downtown Campus, UC Denver works with the Auraria Campus Police Department to ensure campus safety. The Auraria Campus Police Department provides campus services 24 hours a day, seven days a week including:

  • security patrols, bicycle patrols and foot patrols
  • crime prevention programs
  • night escorts to a vehicle
  • vehicle unlocks
  • informational services

Auraria Police fulfill the campus responsibilities for reporting crime as required by the Clery Act. Clery statistics are available online at www.ahec.edu/campuspolice/ucd-clery.pdf.

Student Right To Know and Disclosure Information


Crime Statistics

In compliance with the federal Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, the Auraria Campus publishes crime statistics on campus in the Auraria Campus Clery Report. In an emergency, please contact Auraria Campus Police at 303-556-5000 or dial 911 from a campus phone.

Persistence and Completion Data

Section 103 of Title 1 of Public Law 101-542 as amended by Public Law 102-26 (the Federal “Student Right-to-Know” Act) requires that institutions produce and make available to current and prospective students the completion rate of first-time, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students entering the institution. Six years after entering, 36.6 percent of the fall 2002 cohort graduated, another 12.2 percent transferred to other public higher education institutions in Colorado and 12.8 percent were still enrolled at the Downtown Campus for a total six-year combined persistence and completion rate of 61.6 percent.

UC Denver’s Downtown Campus’ one-year fall-to-fall retention rate is 70.8 percent for the fall 2007 cohort. That is, of the first-time, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students who entered the university in fall 2007, 70.8 percent were enrolled at the Downtown Campus in fall 2008.

Riot Law (Student Riot Bill)

Student enrollment-prohibition-public peace and order convictions: 1) No person who is convicted of a riot offense shall be enrolled in a state-supported institution of higher education for a period of twelve months following the date of conviction; 2) a student who is enrolled in a state-supported institution of higher education and who is convicted of a riot offense shall be immediately suspended from the institution upon the institution’s notification of such conviction for a period of twelve months following the date of conviction, except that if a student has been suspended prior to the date of conviction by the state-supported institution of higher education for the same riot activity, the twelve month suspension shall run from the start of the suspension imposed by the institution; 3) nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit a state-supported institution of higher education from implementing its own policies and procedures or disciplinary actions in addition to the suspension under (2) of this section, regarding students involved in riot.

Sex Offender Information (Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act)

Sex offenders are required to list the locations of all institutions of post-secondary education where he or she volunteers or is enrolled or employed. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation maintains a database identifying all such persons and makes it available to all law enforcement agencies in which jurisdiction the institution of postsecondary education is located. The campus community can obtain this information by contacting the Auraria Campus Police Department at 303-556-5000.

Voter Registration (National Voter Registration Act)

In compliance with the National Voter Registration Act, the state of Colorado voter registration application form and information is available online at www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/elections/ or www.fec.gov/votregis/vr.shtml.