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2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog 
2009-2010 Downtown Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is CU Online’s Web site address?

Q. I’m not a UC Denver student. Can I take a course through CU Online?
A. If you are not currently a student or attending a university other than UC Denver, you may enroll in an online course after applying and getting accepted as either a degree- or nondegree-seeking student. Visit the schools’ and colleges’ sections in this catalog for specific admission requirements for each school. If you are a student at another institution, contact your school to find out if the online course (and credit) will transfer as intended.

Q. What kind of credit will I receive for online courses?
A. The credits you earn through CU Online are identical to credits earned through traditional on-campus courses. UC Denver is a fully accredited institution, making credits easily transferable to other universities. And if you graduate solely by taking online courses—the degree is the same.

Q. Does CU Online offer any core curriculum courses?
A. Yes. Approximately half of the courses offered are core curriculum and can be applied toward an undergraduate degree program.

Q. Does my online course require textbooks?
A. Unless the instructor waives textbook requirements, all online courses are supplemented with textbooks. Further documentation may also be provided by the instructor, in a free downloadable format.

Q. What times does my online course meet?
A. Unless the instructor has designated a specific login time for a live chat session, you may login at any time, day or night.

Q. When does my hybrid course meet on campus?
A. Hybrid courses have varying campus meeting dates so it is integral that you attend the first campus meeting to receive the schedule. If you miss the first campus meeting, you should contact the instructor immediately either by phone or e-mail.

Q. How long do online courses last?
A. Online courses typically follow the duration of the respective semester in which it is offered. Some instructors may opt to provide a shortened intensive semester course, which would be indicated in your course schedule.

Q. How do I sign up for an online course?
A. If you’ve already applied to the university, you may register for online courses directly through the SMART system, If you are not a UC Denver student, you may apply as either a degree- or nondegree-seeking student through the university’s main site,

Q. What are the tuition differences for online courses?
A. The tuition is the same between on-campus courses and online courses. There is, however, a standard course fee for online courses (per course, not per semester hour) that goes to pay for the online technology, support and 24-7 customer service.

  • Online course fee for in-state students - $100; online course fee for out-of-state students - $125
  • Hybrid course fee for in-state students - $50; hybrid course fee for out-of-state students - $75

Q. Are there tuition breaks for online courses?
A. Yes. If you are registered for only online courses, you are simply responsible for the information technology fee and the student information system fee. All other traditional fees are waived, along with the incidental fees associated with driving, mass transit, parking, etc. There is also a special tuition discount if you are an out-of-state student signed up for only online courses.

Q. I dropped my online courses, why do I still owe tuition?
A. If an online course is not dropped within the initial add/drop period, you will not be able to receive tuition reimbursement. Be sure to check the drop/add dates stated online at and in the printed schedule of courses.

Q. Will my degree say CU Online?
A. No. Degrees are awarded through the University of Colorado.

Q. What if I have questions about CU Online?
A. If you have further questions about courses, degrees, registration, tuition and fees or computer requirements, e-mail them to or call Naomi Wahls, 303-315-3700.